Sunday, August 07, 2005

Screw Building a Bear!

We decided to try to take our 3 munchkins to Wichita to hang at the mall and do Build-a-Bear since we got these nice 2 free bear coupons in the mail. Damn place is so expensive when you start dressing the stupid bears that you end up spending $30+ each one. I'd been wanting to go get one for Damien anyways so we went ahead and headed for the store. I figured this trip to Build-A-Bear, since Dominic was alittle older, would be a fun trip for him as this time he could make his own bear instead of having mommy make it. Alexzandra, the pro bear builder she is, stuffed her "princess" making her soft and cuddly and added love, friendship and whatever else the buttons say. She went off with Daddy to wash her bear while I dealt with Dominic making his. He was getting really whiney and trying to escape so I let him go but it looked as if he just wanted to push the colored buttons on the machine that the kids are supposed to push so it was no big deal. Then his little 2 yr old brat attitude started coming out. He tried to run, kick, scream at me, etc. This time as I let him go he ran around to the side of the machine finding this big red button and smacked it. The whole fluffing machine came to a sit still as I looked to see what the button said real quick in big letters I read EMERGENCY SHUT OFF I about died as there was a huge line behind us of mom's rolling their eyes and just thinking to themselves how much they hated me at the moment. It took 5 minutes and a manager to fix the problem. Dominic continued to throw his tantrums in the store. His bear "Choo Choo" is naked since we couldn't get him to pay attention to pick out an outfit. Alexzandra made "Princess" into a cheerleader, and Damien's has a T-shirt on "bambino" saying It's a Boy! Finally after a hour, we got out of that store and shopped around before returning home.


Adam's Mom said...

Oh Sabrina! I am sure the mothers in line weren't hating you, I bet they were glad it was your kid and not theirs LOL.

UREWQ said...

LOL, OMG, This is what I have to look forward to with Ethan, EVERYBODY tells me how boys are harder to deal with than girls.