Saturday, November 12, 2005

Missed the Bus...and it wasn't the Short Bus

Ok yesterday morning was a bit crazy. First I overslept till 7:10 AM! Normal wake up time is 6 AM. As I laid there in bed, I wasn't too worried at first since a few of my daycare kids were going to be late and 2 weren't coming but then I remembered Alex had a bus to catch at 7:20! Well it didn't happen. The bus came by the house and I had to go outside with some thrown on clothes and did the Miss America wave to let the bus driver know that Alex wasn't coming. So I ran in the shower, got 3 kids dressed and ready to go and out the door by 7:55. I was suprised as there was very little traffic on the way to her school but we still got there about a minute late. I ran her in the school and informed her teacher that she may have an ear infection but refuses to let me take her to the dr. I get back home and leave again at 9:45 to get Damien some meds since he's been a bit stuffy. I guess as soon as I walked out the door Alex's school called to tell me that she was complaining of her ear! I find this out at 2:30 though when I call to inform them that my mother was going to take her to the dr and Alex had no idea. I felt horrible for her being at school all day with an ear infection but when she came home from the dr my words to her were "next time your ear hurts, are you going to let me take you to the dr?" Her reply was a sulky "yes."

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