Thursday, November 03, 2005

Quinoa (keen-wa)

Oh yes yesterday was so much fun. I swear I'm losing my mind again. I thought lets try something different for lunch so I made some Quinoa. The kids looked at it, looked at me and I swear they wanted to laugh in my face but they knew I'd scream so they didn't. Do you ever feel as a parent that your bipolar or have tourettes? I do. So anyways I told them if they each at least took 1 bite they'd get a sticker. It worked. I asked them questions to sorta live the moment up as I tried so hard not to laugh at their faces while they chewed.

What does it feel like in your mouth?
What does it taste like?
Do you like it? NO lol!

So that was fun. Next I had 3 screaming babies all day.
Kayla= annoyed because Nicholas won't leave her alone
Nicholas= mad because I'm taking him away from everything he shouldn't be into
Damien= hungry little booger as always.

Dominic, Corbin, and Kelsey were pretty decent except for fighting over everything. We do 5 minute time outs for fighting. The past few weeks Corbin does things out of spite to Kelsey like taking her blanket etc. I don't know what his deal is. So after an exhausting day I made some stupid bean burritos and rice in like 30 minutes for supper because my feet hurt so bad. I have something wrong with my right foot where it hurts right in the middle of my foot. It's been this way for years after I wear shoes but now it's all the time. Dave really wants me to go to the dr but like I told him, you find me time! Along with that I think my tendonitis is back in my wrists from picking up so many kids. They hurt all the time. Oh and all my hair is falling out due to freakin hormones.

Can my life be anymore depressing? I feel like I'm falling apart, I feel like I scream all day, Dominic won't mind me at all, and I'm so worn out from all the daycare kids. I'll give an idea just on diapers what I do. Yesterday I changed...
  • Dominic= 3 poopy diapers/ 3 wet
  • Kayla= 1 poopy diaper/ 1 wet
  • Damien= 2 poopy diapers/ 4 wet
  • Nicholas= 2 poopy diapers/1 wet

My house smelt like shit so bad yesterday. I kept spraying air fresheners and all it did was mask the smell for about 10 minutes. (sigh) Along with serving Quinoa I got out our moonwalk for the kids to jump in. They love that thing except for Kelsey she refuses to even try to jump.

So today is Thursday. Alex has Daisy Scouts and I'm incharge of snacks. I didn't want to do anything store bought so I made shaped halloween sugar cookies a few hours ago. How did I do this with 5 kids running around? Well it was pretty hard. The only one I had the most trouble with was Damien and he was in his carseat and I kept putting a binkie in his mouth. I also put chemicals in my spa since it's been a week. That only took a few minutes though. Now I have a very dirty kitchen to clean and about 2 loads of laundry I NEED to do today along with all the regular housework. Oh the joys of staying home all day.

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R said...

Oh girl, I don't know how you do everything! Keep your chin up! Or don't, and maybe then Dave will see you fall apart, and see you need some down time! I am dying with your house smelling like shit! Too funny!