Monday, December 05, 2005

Damien's 5 Months Old!

Wow! Where has time went!? Here's what Damien looks like now at 5 mths old! He's becoming such a big boy and getting little rolls all over his body. We've decided his new nickname is Budda. (smile) We've graduated him to 9-12 mth clothes but he still wears what 6-9 mth clothes he can like jeans. 6-9 mth shirts are getting too short for his long torso. His newest accomplishments are.....

  • Grabbing everything and shoving it in his mouth
  • He's become a drool monster
  • Laughing uncontrolably when his siblings beat each other up.
  • Trying to pull on your shirt or pull your hair out with his HeMan grip
  • He can roll from back to his stomach but having a hard time rolling back over
  • Sleeps on his stomach now that he rolls over
  • He KNOWS the bottle now and when he sees it his lips start smacking. Same with the binkie.
  • His Exersaucer is his FAVORITE toy and he'll play in it forever
  • He still insists on waking me up 3-4 nights a week for a nightly feeding.
  • He likes Rice Cereal with Bananas and Sweet Potatoes
  • He likes to scream to hear himself especially when the others are all napping.

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Adam's Mom said...

WOW he's 5 months already! I just can't believe that! He is just getting so big! Can't you make time stop? (Well, do it after my baby is born, ok?)