Wednesday, December 21, 2005

No Nap And Off The Walls Till 10PM

First some Personals.

Lisa- YooHoo is a chocolate flavored drink that has 22grams of sugar for One 6.5 oz serving. What this means is if they've had 2 containers, they've had more sugar than a can of Mountain Dew!! He had 3 which would be like a can and a half of Mountain Dew! That kid Ralphie on the Christmas Story Movie drinks it, remember he listens to the Radio and wins the Red Rider BB Gun?

Sheri- He never took a nap yesterday and was up till 10:00 last night! He refused to sit still at the Christmas Program, I walked around and danced with him while holding him trying to get him to laugh and tolerate staying there for a hour. He kept poking me in the ear and trying to stick his finger in my mouth afterwards. I can't count how many times he said "down momma down!" When holding him I failed to notice the fire alarm on the wall behind me and he ALMOST pulled the switch!!! My mom grabbed his hand just in time!!

Yarisol, Colleen, Deanne, Sheri and everyone else- Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for my family on my uncle's passing.

Well last night the Christmas program went well and Alex did a great job! She's in the pic, front row on the left wearing a khaki jumper with a red Tshirt. She sung her little heart out and did all the arm movements, it was so cute! We camcorded the whole thing so I'm going to watch it today since I was occupying a busy body last night I didn't get to pay real close attention. After the program we dropped off Alex and Dominic at my mother's house and we went to pay our last respects to my uncle since my aunt decided to do a closed casket at the funeral. I don't know why, he looked great although I think they used way too much make up. We couldn't even tell they shaved half of his head for the surgery. When we got out of the van I told Dave "I just want to go in there and see him, sign the book and leave." I got almost to the door and Dave was just standing at the van. Remember I said I dropped off Alex and Dominic right? Dave says "Uhhhhhh, are you forgetting someone?" Yep that's right folks! Damien, on my side of the vehicle at all times, was still strapped in his carseat and momma was just going to leave him there in the below freezing temperatures!!!! I felt so shitty that I told Dave to get him out of the car so no one saw what I just did which is go all the way to a building and leave my 5 month old in the car!!! He refused because he wanted me to look like an ASS and go back to the van to get our son. He told me he's telling everyone about what I did and I'll never hear the end of it. So nice of him.

Uncle looks great as I said, I still don't understand why she's doing closed casket at the service. As odd as it may sound, this has been so surreal that I really had to go to the funeral home and see his body to register I guess that this is real and it did happen. He was only 43 which is only 15 yrs older than me so it's just really hard for me to comprehend I guess that he's dead already? I don't know but anyways I felt alot better after seeing him and I didn't cry. Dave thought I was going to be a mess but I did well. After today's funeral it will be time to move on and cope. I want to help my aunt and her daughter any way I can. I think Dave and I will be frequent visitors to her house just to make sure they're doing ok.

I can't believe that in a few days it'll be Christmas. I have not wrapped anything! What a slacker I am. We still haven't finished shopping for the kids. I'm thinking we won't even get to till the 23rd! I'm going to ask my sister if Alex and Dominic can come by that evening for awhile to play with her kids so we can go finish. We need to buy stocking stuffers and finish buying for Alex and Damien.

And a few extra things, here's a pic of Damien chillin in the Bumbo on the counter while I cleaned. This was the only way to get him to stop crying yesterday. I swear he was on the counter and wasn't about to fall off. For some reason this pic looks like the Bumbo is hanging off the counter about to fall on the floor! And the other you can click on to watch a nice little video of Dance Dance Revolution by Dominic.

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Deanne said...


I have been thinking about you all day today! I hope you are doing ok. No worries about leaving little D in the car, you have had a lot on your mind. Men are so obnoxious aren't they? I think it is funny that you used your dads xmas gift at Alex's program! You crack me up!


Lisa said...

I did a google search on yoohoo , we don't have it here ( in Canada ). I am glad that the program went well . I am glad I am not the only one who has left their baby !!!