Thursday, January 26, 2006

The 2nd Day Of School

Dom's schedule for school is M, W, F's till next school year. If we choose to at that time, we can have him go M-F 1/2 or all day. Most likely 1/2 because I think full day would be way too much for him. I started out by oversleeping since I forgot to set the alarm and waking at 6:50. That right there should tell ya I had a bad morning. I immediately woke the kids, crammed food down Alexzandra, brushed her hair, put her shoes on and stood her by the door to look for her bus that comes at 7:15 while I ran to make a lunch for Miss Priss. Well I didn't get it finished in time and the bus came. She cried to the bus because I didn't get her lunch done. Then I attempted to get Dominic to eat just a few bites of something before his bus came at 7:55. He did manage to eat 1/2 a banana which was good enough for me and we got him ready to go. He was so happy to see that bus again and flew out to it remembering his bag this time. Since things are calming down around the house now that both kids were off to school, then GUILT strikes. I feel awful about not getting Alex's lunch done so I load up the kids and take it to her. Everyone at her school seems to think having 3 kids in tow is "having your hands full." It's really not that hard, hard is taking 6 with you to Walmart.

Dominic came home but unwillingly got off the bus. He was not happy to be back. At least I know he likes it there. He threw himself down on the driveway pouting so I had to pick him up and haul him in. He brought home a scribbled paper with objects he was supposed to color and a note saying the class pictures have been rescheduled since so many kids have been sick.

Damien btw is feeling better although he kept me up for 2 hours last night crying and moaning. We are sure he's teething. Dave got up this morning with him at 5 and orajeled him in which he promptly fell back asleep. For some reason Dominic had a hard time sleeping too so I was up with him a few times as well. I kept hearing "momma momma" all through the night from him so I think I probably got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night. Just typing about sleep is making yawn.

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