Wednesday, February 01, 2006

First off, Thanks everyone for letting me know my kids don't hate me and yes Lisa I'm not looking forward to the teen years and you are just about there!! Mandi, thanks for the phone call to let me know how you were doing and that the kids don't hate me.

I haven't been able to really get online long enough to blog what's been happening around here lately. With the teething, school, gigantic list of chores to be done, etc. I just haven't been able to. I've been feeling completely overwhelmed again lately, anxious, not quite at the nervous breakdown level but getting there. Dave and I have been at each other's throats. I feel like I'm running this house and he's just stopping by in the evenings to say hi before he's out the door in the next morning. I can't even tell you the last time he kissed me.
Here's a new pic of Damien.
He's been slobbering constantly, scooting around on the floor on his back in a pissed off manner, pinching the crap out of you when you hold him. He is not pleasant. Luckily he hasn't gnawed off his hands yet but we expect it soon with how he chews on them constantly. He wants to be held ALL the time. Orajel and Tylenol are only doing so much for him. I'm still having issues feeding him solids. He hates having a spoon in his mouth and spits food or throws a fit but he's content with sucking on a cracker. If he had it his way he'd just drink bottles all day. One good thing is that he's learned to hold his bottle! This is nice because now if I'm taking care of other kids when he wants to eat, I can give him a bottle and he'll feed himself.
Dominic is doing great in school I guess. They tell me what he's done but not much more than that. He plays with playdough everyday though. Everytime she unbuckles him out of the booster chair on the bus he runs straight for the seat and starts playing with everything. He shut the door on me one day when I went to grab him off the bus. I usually have to pry him off the bus just to have him throw a temper tantrum on the driveway. He HATES coming home.
Daycare has been so much easier since I lost C earlier this month. I was actually relieved when his mom pulled him. I knew the drive would eventually get to her and it did. There was just too much testosterone flowing between Dom and C. They fought constantly so I was always doing timeouts. I thought hard on whether to replace him and decided to tell Nicholas' parents I had an opening if they wanted to bring their daughter to my house also. Right now she is in a daycare center that provides preschooling too but after May when school is out they will probably have her stay here.
I was looking at my calendar this month and have noticed that Alex's "activities" have taken over my life. I don't mind so much but it is a bit stressful trying to make sure to attend and do all these functions. By each date this month it goes a bit like this.

1st- Playdate with Allison
2nd- Daisy's- Dominic's PTO Meeting
4th- Devin's Bday party
5th- Jessica's Bday Party
6th- PTO meeting
7th- My BCP appt, Gymnastics
8th- Cheerleading practice
9th- Cheerleading Practice
11th- Victoria's BabyShower
14th- Alex's Vday schoolparty, Gymnastics, & Cheerleading at BBall Game
16th- Daisy's
17th- Take treats to school for Dominic's Bday
18th- Dom's Bday Party
21st- Gymanstics
23rd- Daisy's
27th- Dominic's Class Picture

Any volunteers to come by and help with these dates would be welcomed. LOL Tomorrow night I will drive like a mad woman from Daisy's to get home in time for My Name Is Earl and The Office.


Kristi Ann said...

Man, you are one busy woman! I would give anything to have your energy!! If you figure a way to bottle it to sell...keep me in mind! ha ha! Thanks for posting on my blog! I love reading about your life! The kids are way to precious!!! Keep posting pic's!

catbird said...

Just looking at that schedule wears me out! No wonder you're tired. Good luck with all the activities. I'm sure you'll pull it all together like the supermom you are!

Adam's Mom said...

How do you do it???????? You are still my hero mom!

Angi said...

Wow you are busy Sabrina!! I know exactley what you mean about the solids. Really, Isabella could care less about food. She'd rather suck on a bottle anyday. Good luck with your busy month. You can do it because you are really Super Woman (I know your secret identity but I won't tell anyone ;-)

Lisa said...

Maybe not having my licence is not such a bad thing , I don't have to drive anyone anywhere !!!