Saturday, March 04, 2006

He Cleaned it While I Was Doing All The Laundry

There's a few blogs that I read on a regular basis and laugh my ass off because I can SO relate. The one that got me the other day was Beth and her pictures of the Music Room of their house. As everyone knows I'm a housework FREAK. That's all I do around here and if Dave's home and I don't get help I have these sorta panic attacks and get a sudden case of Tourettes Syndrome. I'll say words that would make even Truckers run away and hide. Saturday is not a day to lay on the couch and sleep all day, it's a day to clean because instead of 6 kids here all day, I've only got 3 which are ours. I want the house cleaned. So with that, Today is Saturday! Dave will be home around 1 PM from work, I'll let him rest for awhile since he left around 6 AM but then I want the Computer area cleaned.

First let's start by telling what the computer area is. Dave has a passion for computers, hard drives and all that crap that relates to computers. He loves to take the apart crap and tinker with it. Dollar Store toys that have broke, he'll rip it apart and try to fix it even after I've thrown the dang thing in the trash. When given the opportunity, meaning when I'm not bitching for him to quit, he'll spend hours playing with computers. He told me last week, "I've been cleaning the Computer Area" when I inquired why I was doing all the 7 loads of folding laundry by myself. I went down there and sighed, this is not looking much better. So after Beth got so many people to side with her about how messy the room still was, I thought I'd show my evidence since Dave reads my blog. Maybe he'll get the hint because if not, I am SO tempted to call Clean Sweep. Then you know what happens to all his precious computer crap?? It goes to the garage sale!! HA HA HA HA!!! First we'll start of a room shot. Here's where all the gals reading will scream in HORROR........

PLEASE HELP ME. Does that first picture not make you want to cry??

So we'll start with the desk. Does this look clean to you?? Now this room is in the basement so no one sees this except us....but still. The boxes below. Full of computer crap. I'll show ya in a minute.

I can't even tell you the junk in these boxes. I see some Audio hook ups but the rest has been sitting in here for years. I don't even think he knows what this crap is. This is where things are dumped to make the room look clean. Remember that throw things under your bed trick as a kid?? I think D did alot of that when he was growing up.

This box I can tell there's a keyboard on top, again the rest who knows. I think there's some extra speakers and mouses in this box if anyone needs some. LOL

This is the bar. These chips or whatever have been sitting here for quite awhile. I'm not even sure what he's planning on doing with them. He's had them for a few years!!!
Ok that there is a picture of the bar (left of the desk) and another computer. See we have let's see I'm counting.....5 working computers, 4 are probably on right now using tons of electricity since he never shuts them off, and 2 that are sitting downstairs for him to tinker with. This is the laptop I use when the Toshiba dies. I'm on the Toshiba now BTW, I got it back and it's working good FOR NOW till it starts overheating again. That gray box thing there is part of the paper shredder and I have no idea what all that crap piled on top of it is. I see some floppy discs and a ream of paper!

Now I feel like crying. I would clean this up in a heartbeat except for one problem. It's in the basement and with the daycare and my own kids, I don't like to go down there for a long period of time. I can take my kids down there but Dom gets into everything and with the daycare, the kids can't go down there at all because I don't have a fire escape. So anyways, you examine those pics and let me know what you think. I seriously need a housecleaner.


Adam's Mom said...

OMG I'm so going to send you some pictures of the pockets of crap Shawn has around! My husband is a surface clean kind of guy so any closet of his is a mess but the surface area is fine. I am the opposite - all my cupboards are organized and if I don't know where to put something I'll leave it out until I can put it away properly. My husband even keeps boxes from cell phones, speakers etc "just in case" WTF? MEN

Rhonda said...

If you get it cleaned, let me know! Q has the same problem. Though we would solve it when we moved.....but no! It all came with us!!!!

Alison said...

I'm going to have to side with you -- Clean Sweep needs to be contacted. :)

I do understand the putting stuff in boxes trick though. I do that myself. It's much better to see a closed box in the corner than a bunch of junk around the room. :) I'll get to that box eventually. LOL