Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend

Dominic and New Thomas Trains! Easter Baskets Hutch Race Track Egg Hunt Nickerson Egg Hunt
Damien Trying Out His Ears Grass! The Kids Daddy and Damien
Alex looking for Eggs Picking My Nose Is Much Better Than Finding Eggs
Family Pic Tractor ride
Grandpa Mike and Dominic Honking Grandpa Mike's Semi Horn

Well that was probably the craziest weekend ever. Not just because of how busy we were, but we decided NOT to move. Actually I didn't decide, Dave did. It's like I didn't really want to do it, then I finally agreed, got all excited and prepared for the road ahead only to have it just come to a screeching halt. In short, we've put around $9,000 in improvements in our house that we only bought 5 years ago so we would just break even on what we paid for it after paying a realtor. We owe about $15,000 less than what we paid but Dave just doesn't like the fact that we've paid 5 yrs and won't gain anything on that. They also needed a definite answer by Friday (they were going to fill his Wichita position) and this was all happening in a 2 week time frame which was so fast and Dave just said screw it. So for now, we'll stay here and eventually move towards where his job is in Wichita. I know the 45 minute drive is really getting to him so usually we talk on the phone on the way home to make the drive home seem quicker.

Saturday the kids attended 2 Easter Egg Hunts. We had a 3rd one on Sunday but I had enough of that with the first two. I HATE egg hunts because they split the kids into age groups so parents take note: ALWAYS HAVE 2 PARENTS AT EGG HUNTS. We've always done this but what I forget is to bring 2 cameras. So I took pics of Dominic at the first and then Alexzandra at the 2nd. After the hunts we'd find each other, dump the eggs together and go get their prizes. They got king sized candy bars at one hunt with lots of candy and at the other they got kids meal food coupons (YAY!!!) for about 5 places in town and then Prize #4 we found out was a minnow. Yes a minnow. Now Hutch is a smaller town and I hate to say redneck town but after your kids are given a minnow as a prize, what else could you think? Gill the minnow died this Monday morning and was laid to rest on my front lawn for any cat in the neighborhood to enjoy.

Sunday the kids had a blast at their grandparents houses. At Gpa Kent and Gma Karen's, Alex was the only one interested in finding eggs. She was happy to see money and candy shoved in them. She's loves money! Dominic was more interested in the sprinklers. They played outside and took a ride in the wagon around the yard. At Gpa Mike and Gma Vickie's they hunted for more eggs and ran around playing outside. Gma Vickie gave them some new coloring books and some candy. Before we left the kids hopped into Mike's Semi and honked the horn which scared the living crap out of me. In all the weekend was a lot of fun. I took plenty of pictures if you can't tell!

******************An Easter Ass Attack******************
I separate this part because it's about my sister. My family has another blog address and not this one, so I take a lot of posts and copy and paste them to the other site. So I'm separating this so I don't add it. HA HA! I have blogged about my sister, J quite a bit in the past about her parenting skills and how she is always asking someone to watch her kids so she can do stupid crap like go to walmart, mow her grass, etc. Well she flipped out yesterday at my mother's because I did it again. She acts as if her 2 kids are a nightmare to take anywhere. I beg to differ.

It started by her showing up, placing her 3 yr old on the couch next to me and seeing me writing a list for Walmart. She asked, "Are you leaving your kids here too so you can go to Walmart?" I gave her a dirty look and said, "no, I'm taking them with me." She responds back all pissy, "well I'm not because of how K acts." I told her "K isn't any worse than Dominic, we've had him throw food and toys at people and we can't take him near the pet section or the toys without him throwing himself out of the basket on the floor. She can't be any worse than that." J really mad now says "I'm not putting up with this shit, I'm leaving." She took her two sad kids who weren't able to hunt Easter Eggs with their cousins and went to Walmart. I've went this way with her a few times and she gets pissed off because she knows I'm right. She told me once she wished she would have never had kids because they interfere with everything she wants to do. The solution would have been not to get pregnant while in Highschool. She hasn't ever been able to do anything in life because she has kids to worry about. We had our first at 22 so we had been able to take trips, go to the bars, etc without kids a bit before they came along. Her? Not so. Anyways she wants nothing to do with me, I don't care, she does owe me about $45 in daycare but I don't care frankly because I don't NEED the money like she does. What's funny is we did this infront of my Mom so now she probably won't ask her to watch the kids when she goes to Walmart anymore.

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Angi said...

Sounds like you and your kids had a great easter!! What great gifts... um, except the minow! LOL Crazy about your sister. Sounds like she is just jealous because you are a much better mother than she seems to be. Sorry no offense, as I don't know her, but by the way it sounds, she has a lot to learn and hates that you don't. Anyhow, glad you had a good Easter!