Saturday, April 01, 2006


I thought it'd be funny to test on April Fool's Day morning and freak Dave out while he was at work by calling and telling him I was pregnant but uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is NOT what I expected to see this morning!!! He's going to shit bricks.

PS: I was so shocked I took 2 and these AREN'T cheap tests!


Adam's Mom said...

Well if Dave won't have you, Michelle will! Tee hee hee. Hoping this is an April Fool's Joke - like mine is ;O)

Kristi Ann said...

I know you are April Fooling me!! LOL Nice try though *giggles nervously* At least..for your sake..I HOPE this is your idea of a "joke" LMBO!

Lisa said...

Right come and put us out of our misery...are you or aren't you? You certainly have me guessing!