Thursday, June 29, 2006

We're meeting with the realtor on Saturday. I'm emailing her a list of houses we'd like to look at. I hope we fall in love with something and can place an offer and get this a going. I'd like to have Alex and Dominic start their new schools when school starts back up but at this rate I highly doubt it's going to go that fast. All these houses are in HOA's which worries me a bit because of our dogs. I think having a privacy fenced yard will help with barking since they can't see anything but any emergency vehicles they hear I know they will howl at. They are also diggers. We have so much to do around here and I'm hoping maybe Mandi (my sister) would like to come stay and help out with things, I'll pay!!! lol We're going to paint the living room, basement stairway, and touch paint over all of Dominic's works of art around the house. The yard sale will be in a week. I have so much to get rid of because I'm not hauling it to a new house. I'm selling off tons of stuff so we don't have to haul it to another house. I'm really worried this is all going to fall through like last time. We'll list our house as soon as we get this painting done, house cleaned out and other stuff done. I'm so worried it's not going to sell but I'm sure it will. It's in a really nice neighborhood and you can have livestock here. The kitchen and bath were redone, we've repainted the whole thing, added basement carpet, a new huge back porch, and a new septic system which whoever sells this house, I want to make sure they put THAT in the ad in the paper. No one wants to buy a house in the country and get screwed like we did and have to put a $6,000 septic system in soon after they buy. My mom is dealing with the same issue but hasn't replaced hers yet. Oh the joys of living in the country!

I have been a doppler addict lately wanting to find the heartbeat and I've only found it once since a week ago which was this morning. It's still really hard to find, takes forever and slips away quickly but I didn't find Damien's till around 12 weeks so finding it this early is great. As I was laying there this morning listening, I started thinking maybe I'm finding it easier because this kid is huge already. According to the books it'd be about 2 inches or so but I think I'm getting scared that I'll be having another 10 lb'er. Although I didn't have to squeeze Damien's 10 lb body through my Hoo-ha, I did encounter tons of pressure in my cooch, the I can't breathe feeling, and had horrible hemmies along with pain in my leg from a nasty vericose vein, things I never had a problem with when pregnant with the other 2 since they were both 6 and 7 lbs. I have a feeling this will be the forever pregnancy too. The next 6 months are going to feel like an eternity.


Rhonda said...

Good luck house hunting!

I am glad you are hearing the heartbeat. :)

Adam's Mom said...

I'm so jealous of the house hunting! I think everyone I know is moving!!