Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Quit! No Really I Am. It's True! I Swear!

I think I finally realized yesterday I need to quit daycare, atleast for awhile so as soon as this baby comes, that's it. I won't make a huge story, but basically Damien got an ear infection yesterday and I had 5 kids here (3 of my own) and I needed to get him in to the DR or my night was going to be a disaster. He just suddenly started showing signs after he woke from his nap at 3 screaming and holding his ear. I didn't know what to do since I needed to serve snacks and two mom's would be coming shortly to pick up their kids by 5. Luckily my Grandma came over and I ran him in to find out I was right and get some meds but on the road I called Dave and told him it's getting too hard and I didn't feel like I was putting our kids first and I'm catering everyone else. He agreed. I can't rely on my Grandma rushing to my aid. That's not fair to the her or the parents I watch for which honestly i think they could care less.

So I plan on my last day being December 22nd. I want to help more at the school during the day but it's just not going to work if I do daycare. I volunteered to help with alot of things this month and I'm actually going to have to take 2 days off so I can help. I'm sure the parents will love that.

This is the rest of the month with the school stuff. I also volunteered to help with AR tests in Alex's 1st Grade class. For those not familiar AR stands for Accelerated Reader and is a program they have that rewards the kids with prizes for reading if they score good on their tests.

17th- help sort muffin mixes at 7 PM. Gymnastics at 6.

19th- Taking Off. 2 PT Conferences at 2 school plus taking food for teachers at both schools. Volunteered to hand out muffin mixes at 4. Alex has Brownies at 6:30.

24th- Drop off Bacon Bits and Sour Cream at Alex's school for teacher Potato Bar for conferences/Take kids to Gymnastics at 6.

31st-Another day I'll probably have to take off. I'm handing out goodies at Dom's school at 10. Alex's party is around 2 PM at her school. The kids have Gymnastics that evening at 6.

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