Monday, October 30, 2006

The Weekend

We took the kids to see SUE the T-Rex at the kids museum this weekend since Dominic loves Dinosaurs. He was more interested in everything else there instead of SUE though. We may have spent 10 minutes at the SUE exhibit and then we were off to see something else. They have Thomas train tables all over the place, books, computers, water tables, this huge Castle kids and parents go through, etc. I didn't realize it was kid heaven. When we were going in, kids were kicking and screaming leaving the place. Now I know why. So we bought a membership of course so we can go there over and over again.


Dominic as Captain of the play boat

Thomas Fun at the Museum

Dominic playing with animals in the water

Sunday we took the kids to the YMCA and let them swim and burn some energy. We hadn't went in about 6 months so it was interesting to see how Damien took to the water. He's always loved getting in the pool but this time he can touch the bottom in the shallow end and he wanted to take off. It came up to his neck but he didn't seem to care so I let him try walking the edge of the pool but he really would have preferred if I just left him alone. The other two were all over the place playing with daddy. After that we came home and got the kids ready for a trunk or treat and took them there. Everyone loved Dominic's Jack Sparrow outfit. Instead of saying "trick or treat" at the cars, he said "arrrrrrrgh" and then "thank you." Damien now understands why he's been wearing his monkey outfit and what the bucket is for. When he saw someone hand him some Smarties (one of the only candies I usually give him) he was down for Trick or Treating! LOL He'd grab things out of bowls or grab it out of people's hands and just smile. It was cute. These are some pics I took before we did the trunk or treat.

I think the time change screwed me up more than it did the kids. I was up every hour last night, Damien woke up about 5-6 times too. We were all awake by 7 AM Sunday morning and this morning the kids woke and got ready for school with no big deal but I have a feeling I'll be dragging after lunch. The kids are so psyched for tomorrow night. We try not to stay out late so we go to 1 neighborhood where the houses are squashed together and we go to the church trunk or treats then end it with relatives houses so they can get their pictures. I will be at both schools tomorrow helping with school parties. I'm hoping Damien is on his best behavior since he'll be tagging along. He's getting to that antsy, won't sit still stage. Though I must say I'm glad he's not a crying baby wanting to eat while I try helping out with school functions. I imagine next year will be difficult helping at school during the day with both him and his baby sister.


Anonymous said...

Those are some cute kids you have there!

I LOVE the monkey costume on Damien! The belly part is too cute! hehehe

To funny that helikes to trick or treat already!

Sammy is really into it this year as well! I can't wait for Tues!

Sara said...

Love the pictures!! :) We brought the kids to the children's museum here, too, and it was awesome! They loved it. Isn't this time of year great?


Anonymous said...

We don't have a museum like that but we do have Science World with really cool kid stuff! I can't wait until Adam can walk around and we can go check it out.

Great pictures!! Your kids are adorable! Can't wait to see four little faces next year!