Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What Would You Do?

I got into a big ol debate this morning with my mom. Basically by the end she couldn't really think of much to say except that she never says anything about me weighing so much so I shouldn't say anything about her having 9 dogs. Umm, ok. My weight really has nothing to do with the fact that she's a dog horder and hate to tell her, but my weight is the LAST thing on my agenda when it comes to dealing with the kids, Dave, or other things. I know Dave would like to see me back to 130 lbs or so but he's not going to leave me over it.

So here's the deal. I've bitched about my nutty mom before but seriously she has her priorities assbackwards. She used to own a few years back 5 dogs. 2 Yorkies, 2 Dachshunds, and 1 Corgi. Then one of the Yorkies died or I should say she put him to sleep because he was in bad shape. Then she bought another Yorkie (replacement) for him but it was a girl named Roxy. Well it disappeared most likely from a hawk. These Yorkies are smaller than my damn Guinea Pig ya'll. So guess what? Few days later she buys another replacement! Yippee! Not. A boy she named Joey. Then a week later she says lets buy another! So she buys a girl this time and decides she's going to be a breeder. Well you can imagine this PISSES me off because to me adoption is the only way to go. There are 200 dogs a month put down in our town alone and about 400 cats. She could care less. So then about a month later she buys another boy! And just the other day she bought another and I'm not sure what the sex is of it.

Total Yorkie Population= 5 Yorkies (4 less than 1 year, 1 is 13 years old)
Total Dachshund Population= 2 (9 and 10 years old)
Total Corgi Population= 1 (5 year old)
and 1 more- My sister's dog Ginger who Mandi found on the side of a trash dumpster which mom dislikes
9 Dogs.

Now Mandi's dog is not much of a problem. She's a bit on the barky side but doesn't know what to think of kids so she stay away but 4 freakin baby rats and 2 weenies, and 1 huge Corgi seem to jump all over the kids when we go over there. The kids hate it. Next point of discussion. Dog Hair. I barely took Damien over there his first year because I didn't want him on the floor in dog hair and pee since the rats piss all over the carpet. Her house reeks but she covers it with candles and plug ins. I'm just tired of it. I know that this dog she bought the other day is another boy because she wants to breed them and get her money back. 1 of the boys she had bought had testicles that didn't drop which means no breeding so she had him fixed. She was JUST bitching the other day about the boy dogs fighting and how she's tired of it yet she bought another dog. She constantly bitches about no money for this and that yet she buys dogs like every other month.

So anyways I finally blew up this morning and told her listen this is what I think. I told her Dad is our first choice on having the kids watched because we don't have to deal with dogs, dog hair, and a smelly house. I'm sure this hurt her feelings but she needs a wake up call. She says her dog population will be smaller in a few years and it won't be so bad. SURE. What she means is one of the Dachshund's hips are going out so she's going to put her down. Then the oldest Yorkie is getting blind and such so she may be putting her down too. Now after seeing what she's done in the past with replacing 2 dogs in less than a year, I can GUAREN- freakin TEE it that she'll just replace them again with 2 more rats that she's paid $500 a piece for. Dave tells me all the time we know she's stupid and just let it go but I have a hard time. What would you do? If my kids get the shaft for Christmas because of what I said, I really could care less but what I will say is "I see your broke from spending all your money on dogs" considering she's constantly at the vet getting shots, medicine, etc.


Colleen said...

We have a situation no unlike your's, though with inanimate objects: expensive glass antiques. They are everywhere in my parent's house and bringing children there is a nightmare. Did I mention my parents don't like kids? Parents are crudy.

Anonymous said...

We must all have dad and his a 1 year old understand they cant bang on his precious flat screen.