Saturday, January 13, 2007

Day 1 At Home (1-11-2007)

I was so happy when I came home to see the house looked decent. Dave was so proud of himself too. It was cute and he's such a sweetheart. The first day with all four kids was pretty much chaos and WOW. Really I didn't see a big difference going from 3 to 4 but our biggest thing is OUR KIDS ARE LOUD which we've realized in the past but when you bring home a new baby they seem super loud. We constantly said "shhh! Mia's sleeping." or "you have to be quiet Dominic, not so loud." There is an annoying thing though that I found got established rather quickly with the kids and that was how to tell me Mia was crying or upset. The kids come up and say "mommaaaaaa. Miaaaaa." At first I thought it was a joke but they don't seem to think it's funny and are just trying to tell me to get to her bed and help her out. Dave thinks it's a riot though. Alex came home that afternoon running in to see her sister. She LOVES her so much and wants to constantly hold her. She's waited for a sister for a very long time. She helps with everything....but the diapers. lol
Breastfeeding started out OK at the hospital, the first day home was decent too considering she just wants to sleep but when she does feed she's about to kill my left nipple. Actually I think it's cracked already. All I can describe is razor teeth on that boob. Right isn't so bad. She's latching on fine, I think atleast. She has had to be supplemented quite a bit since she's eating about 2 oz at a time and I so far can only pump about 1 oz. She always falls asleep on my boob but at the moment that's a good thing since there's nothing there! lol

I also came home with the normal swolleness thanks to all the fluids I needed because of the C-section. My legs are so tight and it hurts bad to bend my toes. If I wasn't breastfeeding I'd be taking some water pills but unfortuately I'll have to live with this till my body decides to dispose of it. Thanks to all those IV bags of fluid I've gained 6 more pounds so I weigh more than I did when pregnant. NICE! One nice thing I noticed after coming home though was my varicose veins in the bottom part of my leg are looking alot better and there's no pain. I had a vein on my hoo-ha that disappeared and my butt problem is totally gone as well too. It's crazy how as soon as I was NOT pregnant, all the variose vein related problems just disappeared since I didn't need that extra blood flow. AND I don't feel all that damn pressure in my hoo-ha and have to pee every 5 minutes in order not to feel that UTI pain. I can't believe I had all that pressure and she was way up in my ribs. I think it was just her head forcing down whenever I stood since that's when I was always in pain.
We tried to focus on the kids ALL DAY. Big priority really because they really needed the extra love. We did whatever they wanted to do and asked them alot of questions about what they thought about Mia, etc. In all our first day home was great and all I could think is how lucky we are to have all four of our little ones.


Lucia's Mom said...

Your little Mia is so pretty! What a beautiful baby!

And man, you have the worst luck with your legs. I hope the bruise and the swelling go away real soon.

Love the photos of Alex with Mia. She's a great big sister.

Anonymous said...

Sabrina, I hope you are OK! I just saw Dave's post over on the BBC board. You are in my thought and prayers. I hope they are letting you keep Mia with you.


*Stupid blogger is not letting me sign in today.

Adam's Mom said...

Sabrina: Dave updated us on you - I hope all is okay! xoxoxo

Sara said...

I love the post on your first day at home. It sounded so sweet.