Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ahhh.....Finally Got The House To Myself Again.

The past week was too long. Finally it's OVER. We'll start out right after Easter. Well Sunday night (the 8th) we took our truck (pictured below) to my Mothers house and left it there. We had decided to do this because every time his Mom visits she thinks that we owe her a vehicle to go running around in all day everyday and she's never here because she's out shopping or visiting her friends. It's pathetic. I've discussed this on here before because it annoys the crap out of both of us. Well when she arrived, D told her that the truck wasn't here because my mom was borrowing it since she wrecked her car. Well she did wreck her car in the ditch about 100 feet from her house but she didn't need to borrow the truck because they have another vehicle and her dh has a motorcycle. Well the next day she asks where the truck is and I tell her again. There was nothing else said about it after that except when I would over hear her on the phone telling D's aunt that "Sabrina's mom has the truck still." She had his aunt come pick her up on the 10th and the 11th and 12th she used his aunt's SUV. lol Her friend took her to her house to stay the night on the 14th. Finally my mom was getting anxious over the whole deal so I picked up the truck on the 15th with Dave around 10 PM. By noon Monday she was asking me for the key. Well....... lol We KNEW she would right away after the truck was back so D when shifting his work truck and our truck around that nigt he deliberately left my key in his work truck. That morning I hear her on the phone with D's aunt saying "oh thats ok I've got the truck." So noon she asks me for the key. I act stupid looking around and such and say "D must have left it in his truck because I don't have it." So she had D's aunt come get her for the day. Well he decided on Monday night before going to bed he'd leave the key in the kitchen since he didn't want to look like we were trying to keep the truck from her. I didn't know. By noon yesterday she was ready to go and said she was leaving. I thought someone was coming to get her but then I heard the truck start. She said she was going to Walmart at 12:30. By 3:45 D's home calling his aunts house to see if she's there because she wanted to go out and eat with us but I told her it'd have to be at 4 since our kid's have Gymnastics at 6 PM. She finally arrives at 4:10 and by the way his aunt lives 8 minutes from my house. We barely got to the YMCA on time. By 9 PM she had to "go get cigs" and left but actually came right back. It was a miracle! lol

She was so bored staying here the whole week and not being able to run around whenever she wanted. You could just sense her bordeom. The whole time she would complain about her back or her arms, legs and everything else because of her arthritis. She thinks Kansas weather is what makes her pain so bad so she complains about it constantly. Our kids are wild when all together and she was constantly saying "Alex that's not nice" or "Stop! Dominic stop!" or "No No" to Damien. I thought it was great and maybe she'll realize 1 week or less is about all she's going to want to put up with at our house. I will encourage them to be more rotten next time.

She did her best to inform my kids of things they really don't need to know at this age such as starving children in Africa. "Eat your food. you know there's kids in other countries who die because they don't get food from their mommy and daddy."

Another little mishap, Damien had his Early Intervention meeting last Monday which I posted about below. We came home to D's mom, in the kitchen, in her PJ's at 11 am, chatting on the phone with NO TEETH!!! I couldn't believe it. Dave had told me awhile back that she had all her teeth taken out because they were bad since she hadn't been to the dentist in like 10-20 years. It was sick. Seriously disgusting. And the funniest part was that I went straight in the front room with Mia and she was trying to pick up Damien and he started crying and took off running to his room. It was absolutely horrifying and I don't blame the lil boy one bit!!!!!!!!

I also discovered she was using one of the kids cups from Applebees as her denture cup. When she stayed the night at her friend's on Saturday, I threw the damn thing away so it wouldn't end back in the kitchen. NASTY!

In all, it was quite the week and I'm glad it's over. You know I love the woman but her moving in for 1-2 weeks puts a HUGE strain on Dave and I. If I've never said it on this blog, Dave and I never fight and we get along great all the time. BUT when his parents show up, all hell breaks loose and I end up resenting Dave because of his mom. The kids love her and played with her the whole time she was hear but she was constantly telling them about her bones and how they hurt. They don't understand Uncle Arthur so of course they aren't going to be gentle. They want to jump on you and give big hugs not little dinky ones.

I will add that by reading some of this, you may think D's mom is old. She's not in fact she's not even 50 years old yet. She has let herself go and it's sad. I've known her since she was about 35. Smoking is bad is all I can say. You'd think her dad died from emphasema and that would keep you from smoking but hasn't. By looking at her, you'd think she was 10 years older the way her skin on her face looks. I've seen pictures of her when she was young and she reminds me alot of Maria off of West Side Story. Very pretty. Anyways, I wish they would just move back. Things would be alot less stressful for us and the kids might actually get to know more about their grandparents instead of just visiting with them twice a year.

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