Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's Time (gulp)

Looking at the picture, we know what this is about. Damien is now 21 months. By the age of 22 mths , Dominic was off the binkie. I don't know why taking the binkies from the boys has been so hard for me. Alex just didn't want it after about 3 months old but they have clung to these little pacifiers for dear life, sucking every minute of the day if they could. I think if I'm being honest with myself, I tried to keep them babies as long as I could. Kids grow up so fast and I keep telling Dave I don't think I can live without having a baby all the time. LOL Dominic was my monkey, always on my lap hugging my legs, kissing me and now he's all independent. Now Damien is on his way although he still says NOTHING but the 5 little things he's said since he was like 1. Everyone thinks he's alot younger than he is because he still has his baby look to him and sucking on a binkie. It's just hard for me to do this so......with Dave holding me down (most likely) we will start all naps, bedtimes and daily life without a binkie. From this point on I promised Dave I would. The urge to give one when he is really upset is going to be hard. I'll probably cry too since I'm emotional like that. lol I just hope he does better than Dominic. He beat his head at night against the walls, wouldn't sleep and screamed day after day till about 4 days later he was ok.

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Adam's Mom said...

One day a few weeks ago, I got Adam up from his nap and left the soothers in his crib. He hasn't noticed. He gets it at nap and bed time - a good que it's time to go night night. I'm dreading getting rid of it because I know it'll be a fight UGH Good luck!