Monday, May 07, 2007

The Joy of Living in Kansas

This weekend was wild. I have no idea the exact number but Kansas and Oklahoma were hit with a TON of tornadoes. As most have seen on MSNBC, Fox, and CNN a little town about a hour from us called Greensburg was totally taken out. Leveled completely except for a few houses. It's sad seeing all the images on TV over and over. I can't imagine and luckily we have never had one come close enough to take us out.

Yesterday my mother called me all frantic yelling "get to

the basement, it's coming your way!" That's when I went out heard the sirens and took some pictures. lol It was so calm, a definate sign a tornado is looming. Luckily it was weak and all we got was a ton of rain at our house. The clouds were rotating which is so neat to watch, anyone living in tornado alley KNOWS they can't resist watching developing tornadoes which is why I got yelled at again by my mother and Dave. When the wind picked up we all headed down to the basement and stayed there for about a hour till we knew the storm had passed. I told Dave I'm going to start pricing out safes because I was running around the house grabbing personal items as fast as possible before we got hit.

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Alison said...

Beautiful pictures. The first one is that scary yet beautiful shade of blue grey when you know it's a bad storm. Glad you guys are safe.