Friday, June 22, 2007

New Discoveries

Kids discover new things all the time! Isn't it neat? I love it! Sometimes you can't help but laugh and sometimes you just want to strangle them for the new thing they figured out . Here's a few from our home right now.

Dominic was taking a bath the other day and I was rinsing him off. All the sudden he said "what the.....?" I said, "what? What's wrong?" He was playing with his hands down below the bubbles with his "sac" and he looked at me horrified and gasped then said quickly "is there balls in there?" I just about fell over laughing!!

After his bath we went to get dressed. He was pinching his little nipples. He said "what are these?" I didn't know what to say after he just stunned me a few minutes ago so I said "you have little boobs." He again looked totally freaked out and said "Boobies??"

Mia has discovered that Damien loves binkies just as much as she does. They are so close already at such a young age. Damien gets down on the floor kissing Mia all the time. She has discovered though, he takes his binkie out and puts it on the floor when he gives her a kiss so she has the opportunity to pick it up quickly and cram it in her mouth!
Alex was watching Todd's World the other day. Todd ended up turning white from his normal blue color and was being treated differently because he wasn't normal. Alex says "I'm darker than you guys but we're the same."

And last, Damien has discovered that pulling Mommy and Alex's hair hurts so he does it on purpose laughing as he runs up and grabs a wad.

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Kristi Ann said...

I was cracking up through this post!

Aren't little boys the funniest.

I had a "moment" with Bug too...I posted it a few days ago....

too funny, they must be on the same wavelength!