Monday, June 25, 2007

Well it's offical. I'm 30. (sigh) I remember being all happy becoming 20 and then 21!! Drinking legally was nice although not that big of a deal since we'd done it for so many years before. 30 is just way too much far into adulthood for me. I'd prefer to be in the young adult catagory.

While out shopping for my birthday, a woman walking to her car smiled in the parking lot and said, "Oh my gosh! How cute! Look at your family! Love it!" I was a bit shocked and said "well thank you!!" It made Dave smile real big too. lol Then she said "I have 6 myself so I think it's great." She obviously must have heard her own share of negativity of the 4 and over club. LOL On the way to the door I said to Dave "she just made my day!!"
So sad about the pregnant gal in Ohio who was killed by her boyfriend. Sick. Isn't it becoming quite obvious now that if someone pregnant disappears it's USUALLY the boyfriend or husband? And why? Can't they just leave? I think child support is a better option then life in prison. I feel just awful for that poor 2 year old baby who probably saw the whole thing.

In other news, here's some pics from the weekend.


Shana said...

Hey, happy birthday! Your water park looks like SO much fun. Jealous here! I hope you had a great day and that the sting of turning 30 isn't hurting too terribly badly.

Kristi Ann said...

Happy birthday again!!

I love the pictures you posted!! Especially the one of Alex. She is getting prettier and prettier every day!! Boy are YOU in for a treat with the boys! LOL

My next 30 years.....