Friday, June 22, 2007

What the Hell? Should I be Worried??

The kids have discovered a new show on Discovery Kids called Hip Hop Harry. Harry is Barney just in a more "cool" way. Umm, yeah. Psst....(whispers) I HATE Barney. The kids adore the show which teaches kids that it's always better to tell the truth than lying even if you are scared of consequenses and to treat others the way you would like to be treated. I don't worry that the kids will be turning into thugs anytime soon by watching the show, but rather I will be singing these dumb jingles all day.

Watch Hip Hop Harry in action up above. Don't laugh too hard. And hey, when your thirsty grab a cup. Pour some water and drink it up!


Amie said...

Kyle loves this show too......I am SO disapointed (not really) that we don't get Discovery Kids anymore. :) Like you said though, good show, just annoying.

Kirsten said...

My Husband always tells G that Barney es el diablo whenever she spots him. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Too funny. I avoid playing that show when it does come on. I put in the same category as Barny and that is not in my house. LOL