Monday, July 30, 2007

Have you ever had something great going on and you just hate for it to end and then it does, and you feel so sad? Well that was my weekend. It was nice. D was home both Saturday and Sunday! We went to a small festival in the town where Alex attends school. We know nearly half the town since the population is like 1000. We talked to alot of the parents we know and the kids played the games with their friends. It was a true sign that THIS is where we belong. The kids got a bunch of candy during the parade and we bought some groceries at the small Mom & Pop grocery store that Alex's friend Alecyn's parents own. We had a great time. It was so hot we spent the rest of the weekend indoors. After the kids went to bed Saturday night we relaxed in the hot tub and looked at what stars we could find since it was cloudy but beautiful out. Sunday my mom asked for the older two, to go swimming so we gladly said yes! I think D had the same thing in mind as I did since it was nap time for the little ones. ;) So we threw in alittle afternoon delight which was superb! And then it's Monday again and you know EXACTLY how the week is going to go.

It's actually 5 pm Monday and I just got my 1st phone call of the day from Dave saying he won't be home till about 7. (sigh) Of course he calls when I'm starting dinner. I'm just so tired of this and he's only been doing the job for a month. We found out his paycheck tomorrow will be about $2K more than expected which is great but emotionally I just don't know how much I'm liking this. He's gone from 6 am- 7 pm M-F now. He's working around 2 Saturdays a month till Noon. By the time he gets home, I'm starting to get the munchkins ready for bed. I'm doing everything around here. The only time we're seeing each other is pretty much right before bed and that's it. We went from talking all day on the phone to talking maybe once or twice a day. I feel so alone.


Kristi Ann said...

One of the reason we are leaving hawaii is because of al lthe time Brad has to spend at work.

Yes the money is great...but is it worth it?

not to us.

I hope you guys can figure something out. :) *hugs*

Rhonda said...

I am glad you had a great weekend. I am sorry that Dave's new job is not turning out as well as you guys had hoped. (HUGS)

Adam's Mom said...

I totally understand! Shawn just got a promotion and with all the over time he's working I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it (I can't say that to him though *sigh* because he loves his new job) I am getting a little tired of doing all the work too.

Big hugs!

Jess T said...

I've been there before! :) You are right. It does suck. Try to stay as positive as possible. The coaster will soon be ready to go down the fun hill.

As they say, "This too shall pass." Hang in there!

Michelle said...

Let me know how you do it, Matt's changing shifts in september, so I'll be feeling like a single mom most of the week. Matt won't get home until the kids are long in bed. They will go at least three straight days without seeing him at all. :(

I hope it gets better. Glad you had a good weekend.