Friday, July 06, 2007

Oscar's Back! Damien is 2!

Rehab for Oscar is probably going to be harder on me then himself. Lifting him up and down my front steps is a pain. He weighs around 50 lbs which is about my limit on lifting!! He hates the crate but he's not supposed to be active at all. Complete bedrest says the Dr. He's only out for about 15 minute increments to eat, drink and potty. His stitches look about 10 inches long. You can see towards the bottom like he had told me he was running out of skin so it's alittle left open. He had to give the skin some bending room since that's a joint area. He's doing well though. We're giving him Amoxil twice a day and hopefully that and with the cone on his head, will prevent any infection from trying to start. When he was "fixed" a few years back, he licked and messed with it till the whole area got about the size of a softball and we had to take him in and put him on meds then. So, he'll be wearing a cone for awhile.
Damien is 2 as of yesterday!! The boy was not very good on his birthday. He kept trying to mess with poor Oscar, not minding, throwing things, etc. I think we're going to wait till Dave's dad comes to town and then have a small party. We're just having some family members over for Pizza. I can't believe he's 2 already mainly because he's talking less then Dominic was at 2 and he's STILL on a binkie. His words now are dis, uh-oh! uh uh (no) yes, eeze! (cheeze) yeah, ainoo (thank you) BUT he knows all major body parts if you ask him where they are. Butt, Wienie, head, hair, teeth, tongue, arms, legs, feet, toes, fingers, hands, tummy, eyes, nose, ears. He'll even tell you where his farts come from. LOL


Kristi Ann said...


OMG I cant believe he is 2 already!!!!

I hope he had a fun one! Post some pic's~

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday too Damien!

I'm glad to hear that Oscar is doing better. I hope he has a speedy recovery for both his own health and for your sanity!