Monday, August 27, 2007

And Then There Were 2

Alex has been going to school for about 2 weeks now and today was Dominic's first day back. I've been excited for the kids to go back but then when they go I'm so sad!! So it's a bittersweet day here at home. The good thing though is since it's Dominic's first day, it's orientation day so I'm getting ready to head up there with the other 2 and hang out for awhile. Dominic woke up at 7 am and ran straight to the toilet and told me to get his clothes! Then he ate 2 waffles for breakfast and drank a big glass of milk. Then he ran to the door looking for the bus. He is so excited about going to school at "Alex's school" this year. He's in 4 yr Pre K but he's still on an IEP so the specialists from his old school will come over, pull him out of class to work with him. He won't go back to school again till Thursday so the next 2 days will be hard for him. I'm sure he'll be mad when Alex leaves and he doesn't!

We didn't do much this weekend but hang out at home. Saturday morning was busy. We've been doing Share Colorado so we all drove at 7:30 to pick up our food but found out because of fog the truck was WAY late. Like 2 hours which made it hard to get Alex to Soccer practice at 10 am on time since Dave had to work. After Soccer we ran home, grabbed Alex's swim suit, then ran her to a birthday party (a hour late since soccer was over 1 hr long!) The day would have been much easier if Daddy was around. He supposedly doesn't have to work another saturday till Sept 22 though. After all the rushing Saturday morning we stuck around the house for the rest of the day.
Alex is on the right in the pink shirt.
Sunday we went to church. This is a shot I took before we left. It is just too hard to get them all to look or even look NORMAL for that matter! The boys are all about making funny faces.
After that we were home again for the rest of the day! We played outside a bit with Echo and the dogs. My dad stopped by and fixed Damien's toddler bed since that siderail was backwards. It looks alot better now! I'm so glad he's a woodworker! Here's some other pics...
Horsey kisses Feeding Echo
Alex pointing at some of our reject apples. For some reason our apples are always so small! I've ate one, it tasted fine but you'd have to eat about 4-5 to make a snack! When they all fall, I'll probably just give them all to Echo to eat.
We hunted down locusts in the trees last night which was fun. They are screaming so loud right now it's hard to talk outside. After they all shed their skin we'll go see how many we can find on the trees. Gross but fun! lol

Alex after nailing a soccer ball. She really likes soccer! Much harder than Machine Pitch though she says.
Wild flowers are growing all over. Remember our Pot? Well I didn't take any pics but we have a ton again this year. lol


Angela said...

I love all your pictures! I hope you are having fun at Dominic's orientation day.

Kristi Ann said...

ewwww locusts ....I HATE those things!!

I LOVE the pictures of the kids though...I cant belive our "little men" are starting school this year! eeekk. Bug starts on WED. They go from 7:30-3. How long is Dom's?