Wednesday, August 29, 2007

There ARE Still Toys Made in America!

It may not be the best, but it's made in America by a company called TootsieToy. How sad is it that I've found ONE toy in my house made here. Of course it's a $1 from Walmart. lol With all the recent recalls, buying for Christmas really worries me. In the past year we had all the kids tested for lead after the library incident, taken a few Thomas trains from Dominic due to lead paint, taken a lunch bag from Alex due to lead, and I still haven't found all the toys on this recall list to see if they have the codes. I just have a bad feeling this is going to be never ending! Even if toy companies did decide to start making their toys back in the USA are the customers willing to pay for the price increase of the toys? That would put a damper on spoiling your kids at Christmas! Really for me, the less toys the better. lol But the sad part is, while we worry about lead affecting our kids, we have 12-15 yr old Chinese children slaving away in a 100 degree factory making about 10 cents a hour dealing with toxic glue and lead paint on a daily basis. Is there something wrong with this picture?


teresa said...

There are LOTS more great toys manufactured in the USA!! I've been compiling a list out of my internet research and have found LOTS of great American-made products! Please check out my website for an extensive list (over 75!) clickable links to great American-made toys!
Thanks for the post!

Rhonda said...

I am not sure what to do about Christmas either! I will need to figure it out soon!