Wednesday, September 05, 2007

First Call from the Principal

We had a busy Labor day weekend at home. Lots of cleaning, sewing, playing, and only a few trips around town. If I would have known that Dave would have 3 days off in a row, I would have planned a trip! It was a miracle for his cell phone to sit all weekened and no calls from employees come in.

The most excitement we had was that I had my own rendition of the movie Flicka. Since it's been cooling down, I've been trying to work with Echo. I was leading her and it wasn't completely obvious to me that she was going to spook, and well she did. She sensed something she didn't like in an evergreen tree next to our barn and she reared up so I ducked low on the ground and ran forward! I probably looked hilarious I'm sure but the last thing I need is a broken shoulder or hoof print in my back.

I met with a woman from Girl Scout Council last thursday and took over our Brownie troop. The previous leaders are very happy to have me do it since they were burnt out. I am co leading with Mrs. BetterthanU. I have grown to like Mrs. BetterthanU through the past few years. Maybe it's because she hasn't done any comparisions lately, I don't know, but hopefully we can do this troop thing together. So far though she's not being too proactive which kind of worries me so I'm going to plan the first meeting myself.

This weekend at church I signed the kids up for Awana. I've been debating whether to because I had such a hard time with it growing up. It was so much pressure and I hated it. I really don't think the kids will have that at our church and to make them more comfortable since Alex hates when I leave her anywhere, my friend Rebecca and I volunteered to be helpers. They are pretty much begging for more help since there's 150 so far enrolled.

It was nice though when yesterday came around and the kiddos were out the door for school. I thought we'd have a nice normal morning but instead I ended up taking Mia to the Dr because I feared she had an ear infection. I was WRONG! I couldn't believe it. We're guessing that she is just having some referred pain from this runny nose of hers or maybe she's teething. She just wants to be held constantly and her crying is a pain cry rather than her normal "get me a bottle"cry. Anyways she's doing better for the most part and I got a few thing done yesterday.

Before going to the Dr I received a phone call from the Grade School! Great! I was sure either Dominic was acting up or someone was sick although the secretary usually calls with a sick kid. He first informed me that the kids were fine and not to panic and then asked if Dave and I would like to be on the Site Council for the school! I was flattered to say the least. I wasn't even sure what it was at first but it sounds like more involvement on decisions on the school to make it better.

Today I sent the kids to school with $39 each for school pictures. Outrageous but I can't wait to see what they look like. Lifetouch does an awesome job everytime I've had them done.

Here's some pics from the weekend.

Dave thinks I should take my tie blanket hobby to Ebay. lol I don't know if anyone would buy though! If anyone would ever like one email me and I'd be happy to make one. I made this for Mia although she won't be able to use it for another year! lol It's about 4 ft by 4 ft but I can make them smaller. It's pink and purple with duckies.

I made Dominic a Thomas Pillow and he loves it.
I fixed some jean shorts for Alex. Made a car purse for Damien with the leftovers. lol
Dominic playing golf.


Rhonda said...

I read that title and I thought "Oh no! Poor Sabrina!" You fooled me!!! Sounds like your weekend was good! Glad you did not get hurt with the horse! Have fun running the brownie troop! I can't beleive you are working with that lady!!!! Good luck! :)

Have a great week!

Kristi Ann said...

Mia is such a doll!!!!

o.k that said....I make those blankets too! :) :) Actually my mom is the one who showed me right after I had my drama mama and she came to visit. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those!!! I have a frog one! :)
Bug has a football one, and drama mama has a pink one with teddy bears and blocks! hehe You ARE quite crafty you know. You SHOULD think about trying the ebay thing out. Ya never know!
I sure wish I were crafty! LOL
Well, got lots to catch up on!
HUgs to the kiddos!