Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh...... Now I See!

When I was growing up, I hung out at my Great Aunt's quite a bit mainly because my Mom was great friends with her since they are the same age. At that time, my aunt only had 2 kids (a boy and girl) but they were both much more rowdy then my two sisters and I, especially Cody. My aunt was always hollerin' at them and saying "oh Lordy" and how "she needed a drink" so she'd go to the fridge and get herself some redneck wine out of a box no matter what time of the day! Now I see why! Now with 2 crazy active boys, a few glasses of wine during the day might just take the edge off! lol! Damien has turned into a monster now that he is 2. He used to be a bit crazy before but now he's awful! The pic on the side there? That's a oriental fan he ripped and put on his head.
His favorite past times are grabbing the kids drinks off the table and just dumping them on the floor for fun, getting in the pantry and throwing jars of babyfood and cans on the floor, pulling hair, he took 3 chunks of sheetrock out of the hallway wall by bashing a wood board (extra piece for his bed) into the wall, he throws HUGE temper tantrums now where he throws and kicks everything, he pushes Mia over or pulls her by her feet all around the frontroom floor, he sits on our little dog and bounces up and down, he sits on Mia's head and does the same. Naptime is now nonexistant since putting him in a toddler bed, . I've tried everything (including holding his door for 40 minutes till he cries himself to sleep at the door)he thinks he can just get up and won't nap. So the past month I've got both boys up in the afternoon fighting over cars, trains and TMNT's. I am worn out and frustrated with him! And this whole "lets help him express himself with sign language" well he thinks it's just too funny and won't even try and then screams when I sign to him and won't get him what he wants. I do have a hard time not laughing though when it comes to the temper tantrums. They are just so funny! I can't be the only one who laughs when they see their kiddo on the floor floppin their body around like a fish out of water. But in all joking sense, I would never load up on wine all day to ease my frustrations with the little booger although I really wonder what parenting would be like when tipsy..........


Rhonda said...

NO WINE FOR YOU!!!! LOL!!!!! There are many evening that I enjoy a glass of wine when the kids go to bed!!!!! But I would NEVER buy it in a box!!! LOL!!! I hope things get better with the tantrums and the more violent behaviors. You really do have your hands full!

Kristi Ann said... have one too I see!! Mine comes in the form of a girl though! LOL