Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Waiting, Pictures, and Other Things....

Well I'm not sure what happened yesterday but I am waiting for lab work to come back and who knows how long that will take. I started feeling weird last Thursday so I started cranberry supplements but didn't continue I guess like I should have. I was fine for 3 days and then woke up in all sorts of crazy pain. On top of it all I got a miserable cold that started! And yes your day can get much worse! I was told Dominic shouldn't bring a fidget toy on the bus anymore and our horse got out and was running down the highway (55mph) while cars dodged her. My neighbor Max came over and asked around 2 if I had lost a horse and sure enough she had ripped apart her fence. He had her tied to a post near their horse across the highway. Well when I got there she was very excited and absolutely in love with their mare. She was not leaving without a fight. We turned circle after circle as she tried to rear up and screamed in my ear. She was very upset. After her dragging me around and telling me she was the boss I tied her back up and 3 hours later my friend (Max's son) lead her home. She screamed the whole way but she listened to him and came home. She was a complete different horse then how she has been here. Quite aggravating.
Saturday we had our first Soccer games for the season. I totally missed Dominic's since we took 2 seperate vehicles and stupid me forgot about State Fair traffic. Dave's aunt took pictures that she will eventually get me. Alex's team won 3-0! She was so happy (jumping in place on the field) It was great seeing her light up from winning. Remember all summer her ball team lost every game. lol

After we got back, I made Damien a Cars Movie Blanket that he's in love with. I love this material because he can drive his Cars Movie diecasts on the blanket which is cool.

Sunday we went to the Kansas State Fair and the kids had a blast there. Dominic loved looking in the Wildlife and Game fish aquarium. I swear they've had these same fish since I was a kid. This robot is hilarious and the kids can't figure out how he knows everything. There's a guy that has a walkie talkie that stands about 30 feet away talking for him and makes him move.

It was near impossible to pull Dominic and Damien out of the Army vehicles.
Dominic was in this tank for about 20 minutes talking to the Army Reserve guy about blowing up things and shooting bad guys with this tank. I can't believe at 4 he knows what War is. That is frightening.
This was some sort of emergency vehicles. It was gigantic. Alex was as tall as the wheels!
I just thought this was funny so I took a pic. When he'd face the fan his wool would blow out of the way and you could see his eyes. lol
I think this girl thought Damien was going to poke the chick to death!!
We were there when this calf was born but couldn't see anything with all the people. It was funny because afterwards everyone moved from the butt area because she was leaking and the placenta hadn't came out yet. No one wanted to stand there! LOL Calves really do try to stand right after birth too! This is how Dominic eats hotdog on buns. Nice huh!?

In other news, I've been extremely busy around here preparing for our first Brownie Meeting. I've done training, and have atleast 2 more trainings to go to soon. Mrs. BetterthanU (the other leader) found out that her husband is going to be shipped out to Iraq for atleast 8 months. Then he'll spend 2 months in California I guess "detoxing" in a way from his experiences over there. She's got 3 kids that are the same ages (within months!) as our 3 oldest so she has her work cut out for her. We also had Awana training last week and we start that next week. I hope I have good kids is all I can say. It's church, you'd think they'd be angels. lol (rolling eyes)


Rhonda said...

I hope you are feeling better!! Yay for Alex winning her game! The fair looked and sounded like lots of fun!! I SO need one of those blankets for Zachary! Where did you find that fabric?????

jude said...

Hey there I hope all is okay. Blog and let us know. Miss you on the board.
LOL about your horse. Maybe she was lookin for a little extra activities. LOL.
yay for Alex winning the soccer game. I bet she is just so happy.
Love hte blanket.

Amie said...

The Kansas State Fair....oh the memories!

Hope your feeling better!

Amie :)

Adam's Mom said...

The fair looks like so much fun! oh how I love fairs!!!

You poor girl! Stay well!!!