Monday, October 08, 2007

Alex cheering at Friday night's Varsity Football Game~ She is up towards the top of the screen towards the right in jeanshorts.

And that was pretty much our weekend along with getting Mia to the Dr at 8 am Saturday and Dave taking the kids to their Soccer games. We stayed home basically because Mia was looking and feeling terrible. Her 104 high temp were gone by Sunday morning so that was good. I've never had a child where the medicine wouldn't take away but we still had her stayed with us during church instead of playing in the nursery with her brother. She is still super cranky though and we're both getting tired of holding her all day! lol I'm holding right now as I type this and she's scratching her head and pulling at her ears whining. Poor baby!

Something interesting, After church we decided to eat IN McDonald's since it's Monopoly time. Usually you won't catch me ever eating in there and even Alex pointed out she hadn't been in there since she was a "baby." Well of course the one time I say sure, all hell breaks loose. lol Dominic was bawling because he didn't get the hotwheel car he wanted. Damien just wanted to run and Mia was starting to get extra cranky again. Alex kept turning in circles in her stupid swivel chair. Finally I was ready to go! In the process some old lady walks up to me and offers me a book cover for the kids with some dog on it and I told her it woudn't take away Dominic's crying fit. I explained he just didn't understand that McDonalds puts numbers on the happy meal toys and he wouldn't just get the number he wanted because they go in order. She said "well I just wanted to say that it's great of you to let the kids be kids and how you just smile and comfort them even though they may be acting up. You're a good mother." I don't know if she expects most mom's to whip out a belt?? lol Anyways I told her thank you and thanks for thinking of us on the book cover but she needed it for her book and then I got the heck out of there.

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Rhonda said...

I have seen moms in McDonalds yelling at their kids to shut up and sit down. Not the way I would handle things, but it is the way of many these days. It seems as if more parents are wanting their children to be seen but not heard! With that said, smiling and comforting them is soemthing this woman must not see often! And it is a wonderful thing! :)

Hope Mia continues to feel better!