Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dave is Back!

Well Dave's back from Oklahoma. He said he met the VP and had a beer with him and I guess learned a few things too. lol Anyways I think he was actually upset that I did so well without him. We only had one accident happen and I got everything done all by myself and had no problems at all. I think what he's failing to understand is during the week, he's not getting home till 6:30 and that's only 2 hours that he's home with the kids before they go to bed. So really he was only absent 4 hours until the kids hit the sack. Not that different since I pretty much do everything as it is.
As well as those two days went, I have been really slacking on my laundry. It's hard because my laundry is in the basement and now that Mia is into everything and Damien is totally untrustworthy, I have a hard time getting down there without hearing crying or screaming. I guess it could be from me spending too much time couponing.....maybe. lol If I do 1-2 loads I can keep up but lately I can't even do that and this is what it looks like in the laundry room right now.

And on the laundry pool table......

And on the foosball table or laundry rack. Whatever you want to call it. lol

I need some help or maybe some suggestions on how to stay up past 11 pm to get more done. I did venture to Target today and only spent $1.55 for 4 tubes of toothpaste and got some free Clean and Clear. I should have been doing laundry though.


Jennifer said...

Oh arch nemesis! I got so caught up in laundry after baby #5 I thought I was going to loose my mind. We have a rather large laundry room so we converted it into a family closet. Everyone's dressers are in there and my husband hung some rods for dresses etc. This has been a lifesaver for us. We still do about 4 loads a day but putting it away is so much faster!
Good luck!!
PS maybe look around your area for a wash and fold service just to get you caught up. I got 7 full baskets washed and folded for $40.

Kristi Ann said...

LOL....if I dont do a load a day I can get like that,

Who knew a family of only 4 could wear SO many clothes!!

Sabrina said...

Jennifer- Dave and I are thinking about a family closet because it's so overwhelming at times. Especially with a bed wetter!! I would love to see pics of your family closet!!!

Rhonda said...

I can't help you with the laundry. I have the same problem and my machine is on the same level as the family room!

Adam's Mom said...

UGH! I only do laundry on Monday (my day off) and do seven loads: Adam's clothes (no sorting they all go in together), mine and Shawn's whites, mine and Shawn's darks, 2 loads of towels, and two loads of the weeks bed sheets.

I am dreading adding another child to the mix but I'd be sooo interested in hearing seeing pictures of the family closet!

Kbreints said...

Laundry is done as I can during the week and then finished on the weekend- though you add two more people to that I woul dbe screwed!