Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ever Cry At Weddings?

Not because of the bride and groom, but because of how beautiful your own kids are? I couldn't believe what Dave's cousins (both hairdressers) had Alex looking like by the time I showed up with the other 3 kids for the wedding. She was absolutely stunning and she knew it. LOL! She loved her role as flower girl and tossed the flowers perfectly. It was so cute! The boys haven't been to a wedding in awhile so they were a bit louder and moving a bit more then what I had hoped. As soon as the service was over though, I let them play with their cousins. There was a whole little herd of Mexican and Italian babes. Damien and Emma danced together and it melted my heart! I am such a sap! Here's some other pics.

Mommy and Mia~ Daddy was having a hard time holding the camera while holding Damien.

Victor walking Victoria down the isle.Victoria and RobertWhoops! I should have been praying. lol
Kissing the Bride...Daddy Feeding Damien and Dominic......

Little boy in the hat is Salvatore. Dave's youngest cousin was going to give him up and we made it clear that if his Aunt didn't want him, we would take him. He is 1 week younger then Dominic and she cared so much about being pregnant that she found out she was pregnant 3 weeks before she delivered him. Yeah I'm serious.

Emma playing with Mia

Eisela and Emma playing on the floor.

Damien and Emma dancing....oh it was so adorable. Come back later for the video of this. Victor and Emma dancing


Adam's Mom said...

Alex looks so grown up! WOW! I haven't been to a wedding in a long time but I always cry at them! The dancing pictures are just adorable! Can't wait for the video!

Kristi Ann said...

OMG!! She looks even CUTER than I thought she was.....and I KNEW she would be darn cute!

WHat a princess. I am glad you took the pictures...even Ms. Mia looks so big and grown up in her purple dress.

I swear your kids get cuter and cuter!