Saturday, November 17, 2007

We Did It

Mom friends. Kelly, Michelle, Carole, me, and 'Becca.

Since I took over Alex's Brownie Troop, this was my first parade and I was scared to death that I was going to fail in some way or another. I think we did pretty well, and all the parents love seeing their little ones as we passed. I'm trying my best to make our troop the best it can be. I haven't spoke about it on here but the previous troop leader embezzeled all our girls money around $1,000 of ours and $4,000 from the GS Council. It was handed over to the authorities. It's been rather ackward since we see her at the school all the time, none of us talk to her anymore. What's worse is because of her we lost half the troop. Luckily the Council helped us get back on our feet.

I bought the girls all elf hats and they wore red. I also wrapped boxes so they could hold them to look more like little elves.
Alex sitting in the rear.

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Rhonda said...

Very nicely done! Hopefully the parents of the girls that left will see what a great job you are doing with the troop and come back!