Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dream Home

I really haven't had too much to post lately. We have went from that nice weather this weekend to 20's, crazy wind, and snow. This back and forth is just killing me!!! It was such a tease.

Anyways, I recieved our tax paper the other day from our mortgage company. Our payoff on this house is now $82K. I am always daydreaming of a bigger and better house. I constantly look at the Sunday houses that are open. Even though our plan fell through to move closer to D's work, we're ok here for now. I figure if we can sink a yearly tax return on this house plus our payments, we could pay it off in 10 years. We both want to build a dream home in the country so we graze the ads for land as we want to buy the land first and pay it off.

Right now we have a small ranch with a total of 2020 sq feet with 4 bedrooms, 1 bath, 2 living areas, 2 car garage and we have a big ol barn and 1.5 acres. This house was meant for a small family and I love it to death but we need something bigger especially if we're planning for 2 more kids.
If you could get the house of your dreams to accomodate your family, what would you add?

My list would be 3 baths, a bigger living room, a mud room, a seperate dining area, an extra car garage for kid toy storage, a big ol playroom, and a laundry shute!

What would be on your list?


Colleen said...

Two more kids? You go girl. Two are too much for me to handle already! We have the same amount of living space and bedrooms as you, but we just fill our with more animals, not more kids! Since we moved into this house we have gotten a new puppy and a new kitten and a baby rat! Our next place will have a larger kitchen at least, but we'd love to win the dreamhouse they are giving away on HGTV.com. Go check it out!

Kbreints said...

Oh my dear-- you DO need more bathrooms with all of those kids! I have two and dream of more!

utmomof5 said...

I dream of two sets of washer and dryer. A big double fridge (the kind with a full size fridge on one side and freezer on the other) and of course more bathrooms!


Jenn said...

Your dream home is gorgeous.

I won't even list my dream home here because it would be a mile long. lol! After watching my parents build their own house and seeing all the things I love and things that they (and I too) would have changed, it makes me "dream home" list even longer.

But building your own home is so worth it! It's one of the greatest investments in my opinion, especially since you can say that you designed it and it's specifically for your family. I hope that dream comes true for you and your family soon!

Adam's Mom said...

my dream home requirements:

Front porch is a must

Dormers (pop out windows on the second floor)

A laundry room (like Jess has at her house)

open concept kitchen

Rock fireplace

three bedrooms

office/scrapbooking room


double garage

stairs - I have a weird thing where I want a second floor

I'm not asking for much, am I?

Kristi Ann said...

Do you have about 4 pages? LOL

No, really....

i think at least 2 FULL baths, fireplace, wrap around front porch, and modern stainless steel kitchen....arent too much to ask for is it? LOL

Hope you are well!~

Kirsten said...

Since the 4 of us currently live in 1000sf, it is easy for me to dream big. HOWEVER! I adore the cheaper than rent payments so I guess its a wash.

My dreams would be a garage, another bathroom and to live on a quiet street

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

I so want a laundary shoot! :0)