Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve! The past few days I had planned to surprise Dave at work with the kids and take him out for dinner and figured New Years would be appropriate. When the kids were sitting at the table for breakfast I told them that we were going to go to Daddy's work! The boys were giddy, clapping their hands and smiling behind their hands on their mouths. Alex however was not happy because it takes 45 + minutes to get to where Daddy is. So we packed up at 3:00 and drove to Wichita to surprise him with Alex rolling her eyes and obviously not happy with my decision. lol

When we got over by his office I started texting him and trying to hint that I was down the street. We were waiting for this train in the area so I wasn't texting and driving just so ya know! He didn't have a clue. Then after the train finally ended I sent a message in the parking lot to come outside and see us. Now this is my 3rd time of being there in the 5 years he's worked for the company. It's just kinda out of the way and I always have the kids so I just have never tried it. He's always complaining about how I've never met anyone in the office and they all want to meet me so he drug them all outside in the freezing cold to say hi. LOL! After that we tried to go out to eat at 5:30 which is not a good idea with kids on New Years Eve! Everywhere was packed. Chili's told us 1-1.5 hrs! On the Border said 45 minutes and we waited a complete 45 minutes before being seated. It was soooo good though and our server even brought Mia a sundae which you can imagine she was all for that! We finally got out of that madhouse at 7:45 which by then was too late to take the bunch shopping like I had wanted so we came back home. So we came home, put the kids to bed and watched Dick Clark and MTV for the rest of the evening. No alcohol was consumed. Oh how life has changed over the years! lol Next year though, I've told dh we HAVE to go to Manhattan and watch the ball drop. Manhattan, KS that is.


Kristi Ann said...

LOL.....time HAVE changed.
I didnt even make it until midnight! :) ;)

Glad it went well!~

utmomof5 said...

My hubby loved when we would go see him at the office. (he works from home now) Happy New Year!!