Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Concealed Carry

I've been wondering how long I will be able to keep this pregnancy hidden from family. Dave would like to wait till May however I would like to announce it in a card on April Fool's Day (12 weeks). The only people who know are online and one dear friend. My jeans are starting to get tight so I am wearing my fat jeans (jeans I wear postpartum) and sport pants.

I'm not sure how D's parents will take us announcing #5 but I know my divorced Mom and Dad will probably have something to say. My grandma however will be on Cloud 9. D's Grandma hasn't even met Mia yet but we were planning to go out to Colorado this summer if possible. I think as we are doing better for ourselves though, it's hard for people to come up with excuses for us not to have another. The only major rant they will have is that our boys are in need of so much work.

I actually started thinking about this the other day if having another little one with what we have on our plate with the boys was fair. If it's a boy it's a big possibility that he would have some sort of delay but that doesn't really worry me. What worries me is if people think that we'll be denying the two we have of attention, making their situations worse, etc. I know the change of things after the birth will probably set Dominic back a bit like it did with Mia but I know he will bounce back. I don't believe either is delayed because we don't pay enough attention to them though.

Next month Dave's parents are coming to visit for a week. I'm a bit nevous. Yesterday was the beginning of a morning filled with nausea. I felt pretty icky all day. If that continues while they visit followed with some dry heaves and vomiting, I think the hiding plan will quickly be scrapped.


Kbreints said...

Don't let anyone try to make you feel bad for being able to expand your family and grow the love that you h ave for it. Be proud.

Tuesday Girl said...

You make your own decisions for and about your family.

You are brave though, I can't imagine five! Congrats!

Crystal said...

Good Lord! I have been living under a freaking rock! I didn't even see this! I'm so sorry! Congrats are in order. :)