Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our New Neighbor Is A Covicted Child Molester!!!!

When we moved in this neighborhood 7 yrs ago, I made sure to find out if there was any sex offenders because I do not want to live by one. Who would!?! 6 months ago this very old mother and daughter living in this yellow house was moved out by family. They had lived there for 20 some years. I think the family moved them closer to town probably in an apartment and they listed the house for sale right after we pulled ours off the market. Now we had our's listed for $115K which is about right out here, this one listed for $75K and it's similar but has an extra 2 car garage to the side so it had to be very out of date inside. So it sold fast and this couple moved in. Never thought anything of these people, until last night.

A neighbor a street over who also works for the police department as a parole officer came over. She has bought Avon so I thought it was Avon related at first. I had her come in the house and she had this paper in her hand. As soon as I saw that paper in her hand, I just KNEW what it was. I don't know how if I assumed (paper=child molester) it was eerie. She said, "I wanted you guys to see this first since you have little ones." It's the house right to the South of us. There's a small lot between us. This was an absolute bomb being dropped on us. I've always felt safe out here but now I am making sure the doors are always locked. I can't even run inside the house to check on Mia sleeping and leave the kids out by themselves for a few minutes alone. This man has 1 aggravated charge of indecent liberties with a child, fondling a a child 14 and under. He was just convicted in 2003!!!

Here's my 2nd concern, my daycare!!!! I still plan on reopening if not soon then by this summer. What mom is going to want to use me with a convicted sex predator living next to me?!?! I was so upset I emailed the State of Kansas last night. As far as I can tell, he has no regulations on being so far away from children or anything! This is such crap. We live in a very close tight knit subdivision outside of town. There are only 3 other people with kids. My neighbor on the North, a cop 1 street over, and one that lives 2 streets over. (there are 3 streets out here) Everyone else is 50's and up. I know this won't sit well with any of them either. Crystal who stopped by last night is making copies and going door to door informing everyone. I don't see him going anywhere since they bought that house just last summer. I'm going to price out privacy fencing again to replace the chainlink and we're buying a new backdoor (a steel one) to the house that has no window on it because that's always freaked me out that someone could easily break in that way. It took nearly 3 hours for me to fall asleep last night and I've felt like vomiting ever since last night hearing this (I'm sure it's not pregnancy related.) We are talking to the kids tonight about staying safe. Last night I was too upset to even try explaining.

County: RENO

Race/Sex: W / M

Date of Birth: 9/11/1955

Registered Since: 12/8/2003



Kbreints said...

Oh MY GOD! I don't know what I would do if I found this out. Iowa has very strict laws about convicted child molesters now. They cannot live within so many feet of schools, daycares, parks, anywhere that has to do with kids.

before now, have you had any contact with him?

I would be sure to talk to your kids about what is right and wrong where adults are concerned. (if you have not already)

Rhonda said...

OMG!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!! I hope there is something that can be done.

Adam's Mom said...

OMG! I don't know what I'd do sweetie! There has to be some rules about him living so close to a family and a daycare! I feel sick for you!!

Kristi Ann said...

Holy crap!
It is so important to explain to them about this guy and how dangerous he is. But, even so, I think i would still be worried.
Daycare? forget about it. Would you want to take the chance?
I am so sorry this happened. It's sick that people like this can move right in like that.

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

EW CREEEEEPY and check out his birthday!

Tracy said...

Oh my! I agree with Kristi Ann, no daycare. I would not want to explain to a parent that my neighhbor harmjed their child, or even disclose the info during interviews. I highly doubt anyone would sign on with you knowing he was there. I guess you may relist and move soon huh? So sorry you have to deal with this stress while pregnant.

Sabrina said...

Ok the past few days Dave has had it with me about this whole deal. He says if I don't feel safe, we need to move. I don't want to just MOVE somewhere to get away. Our plans have been to pay this place off and then build on land. Anyways the State forwarded my email to the Child Daycare Surveyor in town. She doesn't want me to close up shop due to this jerk. She wants us to call the Dept of Corrections and see if there are any regulations to how close to a daycare, school, etc he can be. A big thing with daycare is an open door policy. She said she would see this being an exception tothe rule and to be locked at all times. She says I have every right to be concerned and hopefully the state can help in the matter.

For now we are looking at a privacy fence around a good majority of the yard. We have 1.5 acres so that's A TON of privacy fence!! The rest will be the 5 ft chain link so we can see Echo. The kids won't be allowed out front unless I am there which is how it is anyway. I always have had my gates in the back locked so I'd usually let them in the back by themselves since the fencing is high and they can't climb it.

I've had some weird nightmares you could say. I had one where i opened the blinds and there was this man standing there. I've had one that I had daycare kids but they all left to go to my neighbor's daycare (she quit last summer) It's been weird. I think I wish I could find an easy way to what he did. I just don't have time to go look at the newspaper archives at the library.

So I will update again when I hear from the dept of corrections.

Mama Kalila said...

I just found your blog (looking up something on a detergent you mentioned lol) and this scares the khara out of me. I'm so sorry...