Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Playgroup Newbies

Sunday I worked in the nursery at church and on the parent board I noticed a new flyer. A gal at our church put together a new playgroup so I decided yesterday to take Mia and Damien and go. We had never done a playgroup like this before but our church is 5 minutes up the road from our house and it isn't like I have a lot going on so we dropped by. There were only 5 of us moms that showed and we probably had about 8 kids. 4 girls and 4 boys. I only "knew" one of them as she helps with games at Awana. They all had 1-2 kids and I had 2 there and 2 in school. One mom's little boy was nearing 3 and she was really questioning how it worked with 2 especially close in age. She wants to have a 2nd but they want to wait till #1 is in preschool but people are telling her it's too big of a gap and she's afraid to take on 2 kids. I told her first that she needed to think of herself and what she could handle and not listen to others. I can't tell you how much I HATE when people think they can decide on kids what you should do and how you should operate your reproductive organs. It drives me up the wall. When we had Alex it was like 2 months later and everyone started asking when #2 was coming. After #2 then it was "you should get fixed!" Anyway we chatted about age gaps, ours are 32 mths, 28 mths, 18 mths, next should be 21 mths and what I thought of the gaps. I told her it's DEFINITELY easy having 2 kids nearly 3 years apart. Lots of people will tell you two is so hard but when you have a potty trained smart 2 yr old little helper it's not at all. Bringing Damien in for me was so much harder. I had Dominic in diapers and with his speech delay he wasn't speaking yet, a newborn and a soon to be Kindergartener. Throwing Mia into the mix that was already there was no big deal at all. But anyways the kids had a blast while we all chatted and we decided we'd have our little playgroup every Monday in the church nursery.


Kbreints said...

What a nice thing for you! It is more about the adult mommy time than for the kids... but I am sure the kids liked playing with new kids too!

Rhonda said...

That sounds like a wonderful little playgroup! I miss having one to go to with Zachary. I loved getting to talk to the other moms!