Saturday, February 09, 2008

So Typical!

I didn't last longer than 2 days not telling him. I think as it started settling in, I started freaking out that I was hiding it from him. I decided to make Mia a shirt graphic on a onesie and snap a shot of her in it. She wouldn't look at me though. I thought I'd be cute this time to introduce our little bean. I sent him a email at work saying this....

Look at your daughter's new little shirt. I think you can read it. Anyways- I love you and I hope this can be a partial Valentine’s Gift. I’ve been debating the past few days how to present this to you, I feel like I really need to tread softly.
He never responded back so I text messaged "did you get my email?" He answered "yes" I text'd back "I wish you'd let me know how you feel." He text'd back "don't worry! I love you!" I felt sooooo much better until he was on his way home at 5 pm and he called me. I asked what his first thought was when he saw Mia wearing her new little shirt. He said, "oh I guess I didn't pay close attention to it, I just saw her looking down." I FREAKED!! I said "did you even read my email with it? What do yo think I was talking about in my text message then!!!" He said, "I don't know, I wasn't paying attention, sorry!" He had no idea!!! So I had to break the news to him the typical not romantic way on the drive home because I wanted him to absorb it by the time he got home. Well he informed me that this is something you do face to face and not on the phone!! He wasn't happy to hear as he was driving, but go back to 5-06 and you will see my face to face pregnancy conversation about Mia did not go well! He had to get off the phone since he was getting a call from the office but he text'd me back "I love you and it's fine!" YAY!!! Well I guess I fell asleep on the bed in the few minutes after that text till he arrived home 10 minutes later. (#2 preggo sign!)He laid down with me in bed and just held me tight. I felt so much better! While laying there he said how he loved me and don't ever send him something like that at work especially if he's stuck in meetings all day. Guess he doesn't want to be a sap infront of the guys. lol


Adam's Mom said...

soooo funny that he didn't even look at the email or know what he was texting back at :giggle: that is such a man thing!!!!

Congrats again sweetie!!

Vicki said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say congratulations! Love the way you presented it to DH and too funny that he didn't even notice. Hopefully all goes well with this little one (I've had 2 m/c's in the past so can understand the nervousness of announcing early). We are currently pregnant with out 8th, due 9/11. Wishing you all the best!

Sara said...

That is the funniest story! Hahahaha. I always (I say always, because now I've seen you many pregnancies again?)get all wound up waiting to see how hubby reacts to the latest news. :) But I thought this one would be easier for him to digest b/c he has seemed really in the same boat with you as far as more kiddos. Anyway, definitely not the most perfect way of telling him (but I did LOVE the idea that didn't work hahaha), but I'm so glad that he was happy about the news. :)


utmomof5 said...

What a sweetie? Men are funny about mixing work and home. The e-mail think sounds like my hubby. =)