Thursday, February 21, 2008


Christina-Vinnie "was" a long haired Guinea Pig. He was just like having a small dog around. He'd grunt and whistle for attention. Loved to be held. Nothing like a replaceable gerbil.

Last night was so hard. I did not fall asleep till after 1 AM. We went to bed at 10:30. I am totally blaming myself for his death. Dave says it's probably not my fault. I had been giving him lots of celery and carrots to eat lately instead of his normal food. It's called being too busy for your pets. I am one who can vow that after having kids, pets get put on the back burner. When you've got a zillion things kid related going on, housework, and running errands there's no extra time to love on animals. So far these weeknights I've had 4H, PT Conferences, Grocerry shopping, and Awana last night.

Yesterday I was out messing with Echo (before I found Vinnie) for a few minutes and she bucked me in the leg when I put my weight on her back. I just leaned over her to give her the feel of someone on her. She used to let kids sit on her back but I haven't kept training and messing with her so she's getting headstrong. Anyways Bailey knew something wasn't right when I moved Vinnie's cage out of the house. I should have let him see that he was dead. Dave buried him with our other animals. We also have a cocketiel and our first dog who was ran over buried in the yard. I really hope it was just old age that caused this. I hadn't got him out lately and the only real attention he got was when Mia would try to give him her binkies.


utmomof5 said...

Thanks for the clarification. Don't lose to much sleep, I would bet he was just old. He sure was cute though!!


Christine said...

I'm sorry for your loss. It is always sad when a pet dies.

Nicole said...

The loss of a pet is difficult, that's for certain. Don't kick yourself over it, you did the best that you could. You loved him and gave him a good life. Consider all the parents who would buy a pet for a child then nobody provided it love when the novelty of the new pet wore off.

Kristi Ann said...

Awwww....thats so sad. I am so sorry....but you know that he is up in guinea pig heaven muching away on all the yummies he wanted here. :)

Hope you are well!~

Sara said...

Hi there,

So sorry about poor Vinnie. He did look awfully cute! It was not anything you did, Sabrina. Don't blame yourself. I completely understand where you are coming from though. When my miniature lop-earned bunny died, I felt terribly guilty (this was about 6 years ago).

He'd been getting very little attention from me, and I hadn't been doing great with the food he got either. But I think it was just the result of short life-span. Still, it's hard not to feel those guilty niggles. Uugh.


Adam's Mom said...

sorry for your loss sweetie! it's nothing you could have prevented - they have such a short life span! Big hugs!

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

so sorry for the loss of Vinnie:(