Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Could Spring Possibly Be Coming??

The weather here in Kansas this year has been a bit on the wild side. I don't know if this year will top last having snow in April or not!! It's just been crazy that's for sure. Today it's going to be 70 degrees! I have a zillion things I'd like to do outside to take advantage of it since you never know if it's going to go back to the 20's the next day. So far we've went out and had an Easter Egg hunt and Mia took rides around the yard putting eggs given to her into her basket. Mia needed her nap though so we have come back in for a bit.

So far Spring break has been going well. I've been trying to keep them all busy with different projects. Thank goodness the schools here in town do Springbreak right after the time change so they have time to adjust before going back. My little ones want to sleep in till nearly 9 o'clock daily now!! I've had to pry them out of bed with the smell of cinnamon rolls or pancakes. Even so they still want to go back to bed. This is Mia, Alex, and Damien with their blankets watching cartoons before breakfast.


utmomof5 said...

Cinnamon rolls and pancakes would get me out of bed!! Spring fever has definatly hit at our house!!


Kristi Ann said...

Hey I make those blankets too!!


Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

Daylight saving time is kicking our butts too. Spring break here isn't until mid April, but a week to recuperate would be wonderful!