Thursday, April 17, 2008

God I Love Him!

The past 2 weeks around here the stomach flu has been lingering. There was the day I had it when Dave came home since I couldn't move without puking. Then a week later Dominic caught it and started puking and then Monday and Tuesday he was home with squirts. Now Damien has caught it. My mom says I'm cruel when I run away gagging as they puke, but sorry I am just NOT a puke person. Dave saves me whenever it comes to anything severely nasty around here.

Tuesday evening when Damien seemed to look sick, I was holding and he started acting like he was lightly heaving. I thought quick to jump up and got him over the ceramic tile when he just let loose. As soon as it splashed on my foot though that was it for me and I started gagging and sat my poor child in his puke on the tile floor so daddy could tend to him. I took off to the bathroom, Alex ran with Mia to her room and Dominic flew in his room so they didn't have to smell/witness the event.

After it was all said and done he brought Damien to the tub, stripped him and put him in a warm bath while making sure I was ok since I was bent over the sink. Then he told me go grab some Vics and put it under my nose so I didn't smell anything and he'd get to cleaning the huge enormous mess on the ceramic tile. While he did that, I put some Vics on and went in to get Mia in her PJ's, plop her in bed and also tucked in Dominic. Then I bathed poor Damien telling him sorry mommy left him on the floor puking. His big brown eyes looking up at me, nodding up and down he said shakily, "yes..." By the time I got him to bed Dave had cleaned up and disinfected the floor. He's thrown up 2 more times since then. Last night right before Awana so I dropped off the older two and told them I wouldn't be able to help for the evening and then early this morning but it was right after milk and we got a majority of it in the trash.

If it wasn't for him, I could not be a mom of many. He doesn't understand how much things like this mean to me when he helps cleaning things I am unable to. He's always really good about helping with housework when he comes home from work but when I'm down and out he is there to really help get me through. Sometimes it's soooo hard and then people say things like "maybe you should have thought of that first before having so many kids." (grr!). I was in so much bladder pain the other night he told me to not worry about the horse and dogs he'd take care of them but I seemed to be better moving around and I told him I'd be fine doing it. He tries to make things easier for me because I think he understands how much I go through day to day. He is my life and I love him so much. I'm happy the kids can see what a great daddy he is. They knew the other night if it wasn't for daddy being there to save the day, mommy would have been sick right there with Damien. lol


Jena9286 said...

Sabrina, I don't do puke either. I will literally call DH home from work to come clean up puke. Either that or I shut the door to whatever room it is in. I don't seem to have the gag reflex you have, but am so phobic about getting sick myself and puking, I run the other way. It's OK. Dh can't handle pooping messes.

Rebecca said...

Hi Sabrina! Long time reader, first time commenter here! What a fabulous post. I totally agree with you. My husband and I have one son [17 months] and another baby on the way and he is such a big help, he makes life so much easier. Dave sounds like a great guy. Regardless of the number of kids, having a helpful hubby makes all the difference!! :)