Friday, April 11, 2008

Mia at 15 months!

Mia turned 15 months on the 9th and wow I can't even believe she is getting to be such a big girl. Her speech/language skills increase it seems by the week which you can imagine is strange to see since Alex was the last one I had that actually talked when she was supposed to and that would have been 7 yrs ago! Here's a list of what she says on a regular basis now.
  • Mamma, Dadda, uh-uh, yes, yum, boo, yay!, yeah!, uh oh, wheeee!!, cheese, please, Dee-Dee (we think that means baby since she points at them) She makes a horse noise, a monkey noise, car engine noise, honking horn

She plays with all sorts of toys (trying to be older), loves cars, interested a bit in watching Dora the Explorer on TV, likes to do things that she sees her brothers doing which is not good! She has started pulling couch cushions/pillows off and hiding in them and getting into cabinets that Damien knows he should not be in but since he's doing it she thinks it's ok. She still has major temper tantrums but I just take her away from the situation and let her sit in the crib when she's too out of control. I think alot is just how she sees her siblings act, she seems to understan so much!! At lunch or dinner when mad she'll throw her food everywhere on purpose to prove a point.

When she does eat, her favorite foods are Mac and Cheese, hamburger, applesauce, cottage cheese, diced hard boiled egg white, scrambled eggs, rice, noodles, banana, raisins, mashed or fried potatoes, refried beans, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, yogurt, any type of cereal, malt o meal, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, and french toast sticks. She seems to eat quite a bit!

She has a majority of her teeth now. She has all 4 molars, her four front tops teeth, four front bottom teeth. I think her Canines are still missing though. When she was about 9-10 months I moved her to one nap a day which she continues to do. She'll nap from 1-5 if we let her but I try to wake her around 4:30. If you wake her she is usually a grump though tossin herself in her crib or she'll headbutt you when you pick her up!!!

Her sense of understanding cracks me up. She knows what farts are and where they come from, same with burps. She knows Damien has a weenie and tries to grab it as soon as I take off his diaper she's right there to try. She understands when she's in the entertainment center and she sees us coming, she better run because she's in trouble, she understands so much of what I say to her. Shoes, Eat, Outside, Diaper, Hungry, Drink, etc.

The biggest part is she is officially a walker. I thought it would never come but to get around she is 75% walking and 25% walking on her knees. She definitely momma's girl but when Dave comes home from work she crawls to him saying "dadda dadda!" over and over with her little hands opening and closing with her arms in the air for him to pick her up. She loves trying to dogpile daddy with the other 3 when he's laying on the floor and trying to get all daddy's attention in the evening when he tries to lay down and nap.


Angela said...

Look how big your baby girl is getting!

wendy said...

She's beautiful! What a bright little girl.
I am glad that its not just my kids that think farts are funny.

Adam's Mom said...

She's so beautiful! I can't believe she is 15 months already! My goodness where the heck has the time gone??!!

Colleen said...

I have never heard of Malt-o-Meal, but right after I read this I came across a scary recall for malt-o-meal!

Sabrina said...

Colleen- Thankfully that's not what she likes, I was talking about the hot Malt O Meal (Wheat Farnia) cereal like Cream of Wheat. I did see that the other day though. I can't stand that puff wheat crap so I'd never buy it.

Jena9286 said...

She's adorable Sabrina!

Rhonda said...

I can't believe she is 15 months already!!! She is growing up so fast!