Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Makes Staying Home is So Special

So far the MIL visit is going well. She's been gone during the day M and Tues 10-5:30 and then today she's been gone since 10 but I think D's aunt has to work so she'll probably be home soon. I have had alot going on like usual so I've been leaving with the kids like I have to do and getting my stuff done when she isn't around. I had my OB appt Monday (scheduled big sono May 28th!) along with playgroup, Damien had his eval done today at Early Intervention and I have a thursday morning Service meeting for Brownies. It's been so nice to get out though and drive the new van everywhere!

Last night we had to run up to the dealership for one last thing they forgot to have us sign and when we came back MIL was a bit frazzled saying "I don't see how you can do this!" She didn't see how I could stay home with chaos all day long so I decided to do this post on what makes staying home special. Atleast to me. I know some people HAVE to go make money just to survive and that's how it's got to be but I'm glad we're not in that position and I have been able since Dominic was born to see and experience little things here at home. So here's a few examples.

Seeing Mia wobble walk outside~That's Dom's skateboard helmet and I'm not overprotective, she wanted to wear it.

Being able to enjoy the weather with the kids~ although 2 hours yesterday was abit long, I have a sunburn on my neck.

Being home and able to send my kids off on the bus and then watching Mia and Damien sadly say goodbye for now to their siblings but light up when they arrive home.

Making extra special lunches in the mornings for the kids~ sometimes hand delivering them to school. Alex loves little notes telling her I'll be thinking of her at home while she's at school. Oh and they love the piece of candy I always throw in there. Trips to the zoo or parks whenever we please. Taking a nap while the kids nap~ That's only if Damien naps though. (sigh)
Not having to be upset of a "snow day" ~since we're home and want to play in it anyways!Extra bonding time
Getting out and playing with things most parents say they don't have time for.

Instead of worrying about work, I worry if I've got games and practices ~ wrote on the calendar at the right time and date.

Being able to "attempt" pretty hair do's ~without rushing off in the morning.

Making it to field trips my kids so desperately want me to come on. Meeting and hanging out with their friend's parents.


utmomof5 said...

DITTO!!! They are only young once. :) Thanks for the reminders fo why I do this.

PS Glad the MIL visit is going okay. I ahve been thinking about you and wondering if you have killed her yet. :)

Mama Kalila said...

We fall in an akward category... We do need a little more to survive, but me going to work would cost us more than we'd make (which from what I've read is not that uncommon). Thankfully my neighbors asked me to start watching their little boy during the week. It's not a lot, but it's enough to help. I think I'd cry if I had to leave my baby to work.

Colleen said...

Yes, we all need to be reminded that being a stay-at-home-mom is now a privilege, not a right. Sometimes it seems like a prison sentence, but when you look back at that baby album, you realize how fast it really goes by. I am enjoying homeschooling so much (not having to go by the school's schedule) am am halfway thinking about keeping Alanna home instead of sending her to pre-school...then I remember that I will be alone for 4 months without Jason, nevermind.

Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

Well written! Thanks for the reminders. I love the nap pic (and comment lol. so true!)

Kbreints said...

LOVE the picture of Damien sleeping!!

Christine said...

Love all the pictures. How sweet of you to pack the kids special lunches. :)

Julie said...

What a great post, Sabrina! Yes, there are so many reasons why we stay at home. Each day with our little ones is a blessing.

Crystal said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post on the joys of staying at home. Sometimes, it can get overwhelming, but I think about how I would have missed J's first steps the other day had I not been here.