Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Now To Find A Name

Well the sono went well! The baby was not real active but everything seems to be fine according to my OB. I haven't felt much at all which is why it's been really hard for me to believe I'm pregnant. No morning sickness, no kicks and 20 weeks now, just been a bit odd I guess! They think that since I'm so busy I'm just not noticing much. After the kids are bed, late at night on the couch I *think* I feel things but not real sure! What I have noticed is my right leg looks uglier with these veins as the weeks go by. Ugh.

After lunch for fun I told Alex, Dom, and cousin Madison to go write down some baby names for their new sister. We'll get to their list in just a few minutes. lol She went down to her room and grabbed a yearbook because there's nothing like naming their siblings after classmates names they believe are cool. lol It's been hilarious listening to them giggle as they try pronouncing the names and then write them down.

So I must admit, I was shocked it was a girl!! Holy Moley! I thought for sure it'd be a boy but like I said, I've been wrong every time. I think how neat this is that we have 2 boys and now 2 girls so close in age but then I get sad because Alex doesn't have a girl sibling around her age.
Anyways she is weighing in at a whoppin 10 oz and had 158 bpm on her little heart. She was not moving at all which freaks me out a bit but they said it's not uncommon. Usually they are going haywire in there, sucking thumbs, waving, etc. They did get her to budge a little and show us a shot of the goods but it wasn't a normal straight on field goal shot. The sono tech has saw me through every one of our kids and she let me guess first everytime. I said "Oh my, I really think that looks like a girl!" She said, "you know I think so too!" Dave was sitting there squinting like what the heck are you all seeing that I'm not. lol
Well, I see 3 perfectly straight lines all symetrical in matching GIRL parts.
And this one I see the cutest little nose and side view of someone I can't wait to snuggle with!
And here are some of Alex and Madison's names they picked out from her yearbook.
*Remington (Alex's good friend lol)
Daddy is still dead set on Gabriella. Which means it will be a fight to the finish. I want a whole bunch of names but I love Gianna (G-On-ah) which means God is Gracious.


Kbreints said...

yeah -- a girl! That is wonderful news. I love the name maggy!

Nicole (SAHM Ramblings) said...

How exciting! Happy pink to you!

I've heard some beautiful names lately and always enjoy hearing stories of how people finally land on THE name.

Kristi Ann said...

HOORAY!! I voted on your poll before I read and I was RIGHT!!

My first time ever! LOL sweet of the kids to take the time to do that!

Rub that belly for me!~

Colleen said...

I was getting girl vibes anyway, look how emotional she has been making you lately! :)

I am with your husband on this one, I like Gabriella. The idea of Gabby for a little toddler is cute and she could gradually use the whole name as she got older. I'll let you two fight it out though, I know I don't get a vote!

Adam's Mom said...

I told you! I am so excited for you!

utmomof5 said...

Yea a girl and more importantly a healthy girl!! My favorite girl name is Megan. I lost that argument 3 times though. Good Luck picking one out.

Rhonda said...

Woo Hoo!!!!! Another girl!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!

Good luck with the name!

Wendy said...

Congratulations. A baby girl. I was wrong on mine too. I was so sure Bella was a boy I bought a blue outfit. :)

Jess said...

Congrats on another girl!!!

Jen P said...

CONGRATS Sabrina!! I was right on a baby poll for once LOL!

Mama Kalila said...

Awww.. Gotta love little girls. The two names you and your husband like are pretty. I'm glad my husband and I wanted the exact same name lol... have had no arguments over future ones yet either.

Crystal said...

Ack! I was out of town and I'm just now catching up on this! Another girl! Yay! How exciting! :)