Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

This week I made it a priority to haul my butt out of bed again between 6:15 and 6:30 to get ready for school. After I quit watching my sister's kids I was able to start sleeping in till about 7 am which won't work when school begins since the kids are on the bus by 7:10. Today was enrollment so I got myself and the kids all ready by 8 am and then my mom came over for awhile to babysit while I filled out mountains of paperwork at the school. Next week I have to go to Damien's Early Intervention school and enroll him.

Speaking of Damien, some amazing things have been happening lately. He has popped a few more words out. He's trying to say Spongebob (baw-bob) Back pack (ba-pa) When he watches Dora he tries to say words in Spanish. He sounds like he can say one and two now he just says them over and over when he counts. This has all happened in the past month so it's really exciting. He's still WAY behind any kid his age, even Mia says more words than he does but this is atleast going to pull him out of that 9-12 month IEP percentile I think. I still believe he has other things going on inside his mouth making it hard for him to attempt his words but I guess we just wait and see if they finally determine that. Tongue thrust is a huge issue for him. He almost needs someone to lasso his tongue into his mouth. He slobbers quite a bit because it's always so far forward. He's as smart as ever though. I got all his school supplies in his bag and he was jabbering excitedly about it. Then I told him he has to start pottying and pooping on the toilet to go to school and his jaw dropped and he shook his head saying "uh-uh." He still has no concerns about potty training. He just giggles whenever I ask about it.
30 Weeks

We are down to 10 weeks now until my surgery. I can't believe tomorrow I can say UNDER 10 weeks. I really need to haul out Mia and Alex's clothes and get them all washed up in Dreft and eventually set up the bassinet back in our room. She'll room in for 4-5 months with us till she sleeps through and then I'll move the girls together. I feel really great except for the normal out of breath and pulling pains occasionally. I am so ready to be back to normal though. As much as I love pregnancy I look forward to the end so I can breath, sleep and be more active again. I feel like a snail a majority of days.

My biggest issues right now are juggling everything and dealing with emotions and I don't believe it's pregnancy related. lol I probably sound like a broken record anymore about Dave's job and how I am so stressed being incharge of every little thing. During the week (M-F) I see him a total of 20 hours (4 hours each night before we go to bed at 10:30) A great majority of the time he's home, I'm cleaning house and he's watching TV. I have been fighting a ton of bad feelings that I know probably aren't true. I'm really insecure right now you might say. He's just gone so much and it's hard not to think things especially when he talks all the time about people from work (aka recpt). I think the worst part is he really likes his job and somedays I think he prefers to be there in the office with his co-workers than here. When he comes home at 6:30 this house is a total Nanny 911 episode. Dinner time is usually frustrating and 7 pm I'm quickly ushering the kids to their baths and showers so I can get them in bed by 8 and we can have some adult time. But then that adult time always leads to me cleaning. Honestly I could easily compare my evenings to The Groundhog Day movie.

So other than organizing, cleaning and running these guys all over for different things, not much has been going on. It's so miserably hot right now that we only go outside early AM or late evening. Last week we noticed after a ton of rain we had thousands of sandbur stickers pop up all over the place. I picked all of them by hand trying my best to get the root as well. Filled my trash cart 3/4 a way full. It was horrid. I was so mad at dh for not mowing for 2 weeks or spraying weed killer recently causing the mess in the first place. After I was sure I pulled everything I had him mow. I really didn't want our poor kids to lose a shoe and end up with one in their foot or drag them in the house. My legs were so sore for about 4 days. If you need new calf and quad exercises, go pull weeds for about 3 hours a day for 3 days. You'll be feeling it. lol

I know alot of other people who visit here were also doing bigger gardens this year. This year ours has turned into a huge producing tangled up mess. It's called Mommy didn't think before she planted. I planted a few items a bit close (I was trying not to take up a huge amount of space) and well now we have 6 tomato plants all weaved together and Cantalope and Pumpkin vines crossing each other. The Pumpkin and Cantalope vines are about 10-12 feet each and we've got a few of something growing but since they've crossed and intertwined I have no idea which is which. Same happened with the Cucumber vines but they ended up in the carrots. (rolling eyes) There's about 20 + tomatoes that are almost ready to be plucked and quite a few peppers that are getting there as well. I will definitely be more careful next year. It's turned into such a mess I haven't even weeded it forever so you can imagine how bad it looks! So how is your garden doing? Hopefully we can all save ourselves a bit of money on produce this year to make up for the rise on other food costs. I went into Aldi's (a place I rarely visit as it is) to notice it's prices have jumped substantially. There are some items actually cheaper at Walmart now using their Sam's club name. Seeing the rise at the store has made me work twice as hard on my coupon and refunding hobby lately. We normally spend $100-150 a week. We did a deal with a local Dillon's store last week buying $1200 in gift cards and they gave us an extra $120 on the cards. That's one free week of grocerries and you can't beat that.


kbreints said...

wow! you are always so good about those grocery deals! I love to hear about the things that you buy for just about nothing...when I remember to clip coupons I am so side tracked at the store that I either forget to use them or use them and do not give them to the gal at the register.

Jennifer said...

Awww! You look great :)

Adam and Megan's Mom said...

You look so awesome and TINY! Can I hate you??