Monday, November 17, 2008

The Dreaded Appointment

Today was the day which I thought was going to be sort of a pre-op appointment for Sophia on the removal of her growths in her mouth. I'm surprised I didn't puke or get an upset tummy, that's how bad I did not want to go to this appointment! Daddy did not make it which with him trying so hard to get the branch manager position there at the moment, I didn't care.

First I must have been so doped up in the hospital after my C-section, I forgot how HOT Dr E. was. Holy Mackerel. He came in and I instantly remembered how good he looked sportin' those green scrubs like he did that day after Sophia's birth. If I would have remembered that I would have put a bit more effort into my appearance for the day...but anyways. He examined her mouth and said that the main growth appeared smaller which I agreed. They do seem like they have gotten a bit smaller but are still firmly attached (sorta like a loose tooth) He also said that as far as their appearance they haven't changed much, they are still filled with something. He still doesn't know what they are and he told me he honestly doesn't feel comfortable performing this surgery because of the indentations on the gums. He doesn't want to mess her poor mouth up and I don't blame him! He thinks we should just continue to wait until her teeth are ready to come in since she has no problem eating or sucking. He referred me to an oral surgeon who we see on December 1st. Hopefully this Dr will know more about whatever this is.

I actually had my dentist appointment a few weeks back and took pictures of Sophia to my dentist and asked if he'd ever seen anything like it before. He hadn't either in all his days as a dentist but said she would definitely need to see an Oral Surgeon so I kinda figured we'd be heading that way. So now we wait for the 1st and another Dr's opinion. I wish the dang things would just fall out or magically disappear one morning so we can just move on.


Haley said...

I hope you get some definite answers soon on Sophia's mouth. Glad she is doing well though Sabrina.

Yah, for hot doctors!

Cindy said...

shrinking even slightely is great news. Hopefully that continues and they just go away. :-)

kbreints said...

oh it is hard to have something unknown going on with your child. I am so sorry! IT IS good news that it is shrinking!

Keep us updated!