Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A long Thankful weekend

We had a pretty good Thanksgiving weekend. Busy but good. I think even with breastfeeding I've gained a few more pounds. (grr!) I'm not even going to worry about weight until after Christmas though because I'll be fixing so much food and munching it's not even worth it. We spent a half day Thanksgiving with my Dad and half with my Mom. We were incharge of potatoes and making a few desserts so we spent the morning Thursday cooking before going anywhere. Tried to get my kids to watch the Macy parade but of course they wouldn't. Was I the only one as a kid that loved watching that? Every year ours just leave the front room. The funniest part of the day had to be that morning when my sister called frantic that she'd cooked pumpkin pie in graham cracker crusts. (she's not that great in the kitchen) It actually tasted really good! We also got to see Jennifer (step-sis from Co) whom we really don't see often so it was nice to chat with them.

The long weekend was great. First off, Daddy was home! YAY! He didn't have to work from Thursday until Monday so that was super nice. Friday and Saturday we let the kids stay in their PJ's all day.
Sadly it was for our benefit. We weren't going anywhere and it allowed us to catch up on some massive laundry in the basement piled 3 foot tall on our pool table. I'm not lying. Poor Dave hauled up 8-9 baskets worth for me and about a hundred pounds or so of shirts on hangers and I put it all away. Just when you catch up though it's piled back up. Sunday morning we went to church and that afternoon I decided to put up the Christmas tree and decorations. I cringe every year because every year we've had a tree, it gets a horrible makeover by a preschooler or toddler. Damien is more into the Santa and Rudolph under the tree than messing with anything else.Mia however is a different story. She ripped about 10 ornaments off in just a matter of minutes after we left the front room to figure out dinner.She was also interested in eating them as we were decorating. Crazy kid.I handed out ornaments and then Alex and Dom stuck them all on for the most part. Then I rearranged a bit. lol Because we have had so many kid-made ornaments broken the previous years, I left them all put away this year and we decorated with standard bulbs and ribbon. I was tired of gingerbread men missing heads or popsicle sticks being torn off an ornament made at school.
I think letting Dominic and Alex take charge and put together the tree decorations made them feel really big so if you come over expect them to say "look what i did!"
After decorating we decided to try to do a quick shot of the kids under the tree. 500 shots later, we got this one. I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


kbreints said...

Awe! What a great picture! Sounds liek it was a good weekend!!

Cindy said...

I can't wait to get my tree up, too ba dI feel like Ican't do it until the baby comes. I just don't hav ethe mental energy.

Julie said...

Wow! Your tree is so impressive and even more so is that you got such a great shot of the kiddos. Hats off to you! Merry Christmas to you, Dave and the five munchkins!