Friday, January 30, 2009

From A's and B's to C's maybe D's

I started thinking as Dominic hit Kindergarten last year that now, we're in a whole new level of schooling. With Dominic and his obstacles (the ADHD and PDD~NOS) I have had this fear for awhile that he's not going to succeed as well as his sister with school. I was so happy when the school told me last April at his IEP meeting that they would have him in the classroom with a Para sitting with him rather than take him out daily for Special Ed. I think having Dave at that IEP meeting helped me control the tears. I felt so blessed at that moment the school is going to help us muddle through this mess rather than make us figure it out ourselves.

The other day the kids brought home their 2nd quarter report cards. Alex, honor roll again, 2 B+'s from being all A's. Dominic, mostly S's with 2 S-. No E's at all. :( I know he's trying hard. If he didn't have someone sitting there with him during the day, I could see his grades even lower. It is a bit hard for me to see him struggling compared to Alex our little whiz but all I care is that he's doing decent with what he's up against. Sadly he knows that he's behind, I think his teacher brings it up to his attention to push him even harder.

So you can imagine how happy he was to show me this to me yesterday with a snack sized Twix candy bar attached to it. His first 100% on a spelling test. He was proud, but momma was even more proud!


kbreints said...

I have always thought that grades don't matter unless your child is not trying. If they are trying their darndest and getting S-'s that that is awesome! If he was getting those because he was not trying it would be a different story... I say good for him!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, great spelling.

Give him a few years Sabrina,he will catch right up with all the others.


Jess said...

This made me teary. We have a special needs child as well. It is so hard to watch them struggle.

Justi said...

Hope he continues to try his best...(((HUGS)))