Thursday, January 22, 2009

Little Girl, Big Baby.

This month I have not been able to supply Sophia with all the milk she needs. First, she cleaned out 15 bottles worth of pumped milk in the freezer. Now I'm giving her about 4-8 oz of formula a day just to get her by. I have her on me or pump all the time but it's not enough obviously! Yesterday I pumped early am and then had her on me all day until we went to church at 7:30. I gave her formula at church, 8 oz in 1 hour. Then she drank 4 oz breastmilk before bed at 10. She's drinking a ton. That's 12 oz she had in 3 hours and she's 3 months, 1 week old.
This is definitely a problem as in 3 hours I only have an output of maybe 4-5 oz. There's no way I could do 12!! She is a hefty baby, I'm guessing atleast 14 maybe 15 lbs now. At her 2 month visit she was at the 88%ile. She may be thriving a bit too much!
SO I went ahead and took Reglan last night another this morning. This is the script I had from Mia to build my milk back up after my pancreatitis ordeal. I've never tried Fenugreek and gatorade that I hear so much about but think I'm going to have to try it. I think now that she's over 3 months I'm going to try cereal a few times a day with her as well and see if that slows her down some!! I really hoped I could feed her longer than I did with Damien. I kept with it till he was almost 4 months old.
Size comparison Mia and Sophia. Sophia's tummy is just about as wide as Mia's!!


kbreints said...

oh my goodness... aren't they adorable!!!

Jess said...

She is definitely a growing girl! It sounds like you are doing everything you can to increase your supply. I hope it works for you. Hang in there! BTW, they are too cute!

Mama Kalila said...


Fenugreek is great... I got the mothers milk tea that has that and blessed thistle among other things. Didn't really need it, but it does work lol. (and am glad to know that for future reference if I do need it and so that I can pass along the info). Eating oatmeal is supposed to help too (not the instant kind though). Theres a ton of others, kellymom and lll sites can help if you haven't seen em.

Good luck! I can't imagine how hard it's gotta be doing it by pumping. Those things never get out as much as a baby can... but we do what we have to.

Amie said...

They are so sweet. I love round babies, obviously, I tend to make mine that way :)

It is all about suppy and demand, if you want to keep nursing you have to nurse, I am sure you know that though. Also, my kids all went through a growth spurt around the 12 week mark and they ate.all.the.time! It was kinda maddening, but we just did it I guess. And it passes and they level back out in a couple weeks.

AFA supply, it sounds like you have some good ideas. I have heard good things about the fenugreek, never used it though. The gatoraid is probably recomended because staying hydrated is SO important to your supply. I also eat a lot of oatmeal, that is suppose to help. The mothers milk tea is great too.

Have you ever thought about calling a La Leche League leader? They are always helpful, but ofcourse I am one of those militant breastfeeding wierdo's ;). I hope that you can meet your breastfeeding goals, it is SO much work, but totally worth it.


Amie :)

Justi said...

They are cute!