Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another One Joins The Bunch

Well Dominic had his follow up on his eye exam yesterday. At his first visit his eyes when scanned showed a swollen right eye. 3 weeks later it's still swollen but our Dr could do the eye exam this time. Apparently when one eye gets weak it crosses which was the problem I initially took him in for. However to correct the weak eye he has to have glasses, strong prescription I guess on that side. Anyone have experience with this?

Last night trying on glasses I couldn't help but laughing. He's so darn cute but it's funny seeing our kids wearing glasses. He was super excited about getting a case for his glasses. Picked out a red one with a dragon on it.


kbreints said...

Awe... how cute! You will have to post a picture!

Sabrina said...

He'll be getting them in about a week so I will then! I really need to get a new cellphone! Since I dropped mine in the toilet my camera broke or I would have taken pictures last night!